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'Minecraft' 1.5.2 released along with new snapshot previewing more horse changes

Saddle up.
Saddle up.

Mojang released a pair of updates Thursday to the PC version of Minecraft. The first is the new 1.5.2 patch meant to support the upcoming Minecraft Realms while the second is a snapshot update that previews some additional changes to horses along with another new block.

The 1.5.2 update should download automatically the next time Minecraft PC players fire up the launcher. It is primarily meant to support Minecraft Realms, Mojang's upcoming easy to setup server service for the games, but there are a few bug fixes in there.

These fixes include Enderman becoming hostile when they take environmental damage, tamed wolves and cats despawning and more.

Meanwhile, the 13w18b snapshot is available to download directly from Mojang's website as a preview for what is coming with the 1.6 release. Following last week's decision to make it saddles a non-craftable item, the developers have removed the ability to craft horse armor as well. Both saddles and armor can now only be found in chests littered throughout the game world. Additionally, the saddles can be used on both pigs and horses and lead developer Jens Bergensten says that horses will be useful later in the game.

The snapshot also reveals that players will be able to craft a coal block using 9 pieces of normal coal, hay bales using 9 pieces of wheat and leashes / leads for animals using four pieces of string and a slimeball.

You can check out the full release notes for the 1.5.2 update and 13w18b snapshot below.

1.5.2 Changelog:
- Improved the Minecraft Realms feature
- Fixed many bugs

  • Fixed Jukebox music volume not decreasing
  • Fixed Anvils charging levels for nothing in MP when using languages other than English
  • Fixed tamed Wolves and cats despawning
  • Fixed Endermen becoming hostile when taking environmental damage
  • Fixed using Pick Block on an active Furnaces returning an active Furnace
  • Fixed the "Hot Topic" achievement using a faceless Furnace icon
  • Fixed arrows floating mid-air when shot into a block
  • Fixed being able to use Anvils for free
  • Fixed many Minecraft Realms-related bugs

13w18b Changelog:
- Comparators now give out a signal for Cauldrons and End Portal frames depending on their state
- Added coal block

  • Can only be crafted using normal coal, requires 9 coal for one block

- Began work on a new texture loading system

  • "May blow up"

- Added crafting recipes for leads and hay bales

  • Leads - 4 string and 1 slimeball
  • Hay Bales - 9 pieces of wheat

- Maybe: Improved the zombies spawning other zombies mechanic
- Carpets can now be placed on glowstone and other translucent blocks
- Added chest generation in the Nether

  • Chests now generate in Nether Fortresses

- Tweaked horse equipment obtainability

  • You can no longer craft horse armor
  • You can now find saddles in most generated chests
  • Horses no longer use special saddles
  • Added horse armor to dungeons
  • Horses are now useful later in the game

- Fixed some bugs

  • Fixed the green arrow in maps in item frames remaining on the map after destroying the item frame
  • Fixed mobs not realizing they killed their attacker and trying to attack empty space
  • Fixed dogs not stopping to snarl when punched by someone else
  • Fixed zombie villagers in the process of curing despawning
  • Fixed lava decay not scheduling block updates
  • Fixed blocks in other dimensions not updating one minute after entering
  • Fixed being able to pick up command blocks with any pickaxe

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