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Mindy Tran speed bump: Mom lays down, lets car roll over her to save kids

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Mom Mindy Tran laid down in back of her rolling car to stop it from going out into traffic. It wasn’t the car she was worried about, but the precious cargo on board. Mindy’s twin daughters were still buckled into their seat belts when the car headed towards traffic.

According to ABC News on March 18, this move may have saved the lives of her daughters, but landed the Lawrence, Mass. mom in the hospital with a broken leg and dislocated shoulder and hip. When the car started to roll before she could get her twins out of the backseat, her quick thinking of becoming a human speed bump worked.

Mindy and her girls were living in a homeless shelter, but they had just moved into an apartment. Things were going good for the last couple of days for this single mom, until this incident.

Mindy said she is lucky to be alive today. A neighbor came out to try and help the young mother, but all she asked was that she get her twins out of the car to safety, which the neighbor was able to do.

When the Honda Accord stopped it had Mindy pinned and she had to wait for firefighters and emergency workers to get the car off of her. They used wooden blocks to stabilize the car then airbags to lift the car off of Mindy. She had laid down horizontally to stop the car.

Lawrence Fire Department Chief John Marsh said they had “seen something like this before.” He went on to say “it is unfortunate accident and somehow her car wasn’t in gear.” Mindy was airlifted to a Boston hospital where she will undergo surgery in the next couple of days. She could be in the hospital for a couple of weeks.

After becoming a human speed bump to save her daughters. Mindy does not consider herself a hero, she says “I am just a mother.”