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Mindy Tran speed bump: Brave mom uses body as speed bump

Mindy Tran acted as a speed bump to save her two-year-old twin daughters from getting killed or injured in a car. The 22-year-old mom from Lawrence, Mass. managed to save her daughters' lives with her quick-thinking move. ABC News reported March 18 that Tran laid down horizontally so her body could be a speed bump in an effort to prevent her car from rolling into traffic.

Saleen and Sydney Tran were buckled in the backseat of the Honda Accord during the ordeal.

After Mindy Tran used her body as a makeshift speed bump, she suffered a broken leg, crushed knees, and a dislocated shoulder and hip. She's currently recovering in the hospital.

Tran thought things were going fairly well when she just moved into a new apartment with her daughters. In fact, she said things were going "too well" before the speed bump incident.

“The girls had started at daycare and we just moved in," Tran said. "It seems like when things are going too well, something bad will happen.”

The young mother feels luck to be alive after jumping to save her children. Fortunately, a neighbor sprang to action when trouble was spotted.

“My neighbor jumped in and he asked what I wanted them to do,” Tran said. “I said make sure my daughter’s got out of the car safely.”

The girls got out of the car safely and weren't injured. Now Tran will have surgery, physical therapy, and remain in the hospital for three weeks.

“I don’t consider myself a hero,” the brave mom said. “I am just a mother.”

The Mindy Tran speed bump story goes to show how far a mother will go to protect her children. It took a courageous mother to pull this one off!

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