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Mindswipe from 'Khans of Tarkir'

Mindswipe from "Khans of Tarkir"
Mindswipe from "Khans of Tarkir"
Photo courtesy of Wizards of the Coast, used with permission.

Revealed today Sept. 4, 2014 in a tweet by Aaron Forsythe, Mindswipe is one of the newest Magic: The Gathering cards from Wizards of the Coast's upcoming expert expansion set Khans of Tarkir. This blue-red instant can counter one of your opponent's spells and deal them a significant amount of damage at the same time.

Mindswipe - XUR
Instant (Rare)
Counter target spell unless its controller pays X. Mindswipe deals X damage to that spell's controller.
"The past and the unwritten are frozen. To understand their meaning requires heat."
-Arel the Whisperer

Mindswipe is one part X counter al la Syncopate and one part X burn spell al la Volcanic Geyser. Even if you don't have enough mana to counter your opponent's threat you'll still be able to burn them for a considerable amount of damage. That's damage which could end the game in your favor.

The downside to Mindswipe is that it it's situational and can't be used right away. Imagine you're in top-decking mode against an opponent with a board presence. You might have enough mana to kill them with Mindswipe if they cast a spell, however they'll just simply attack and kill you before casting their spell.

While Mindswipe may not cause the devastation thats Rakdos's Return does, it can still win you the game and will be a friend of Goblin Electromancer.

How will you use Mindswipe? Please let us know in the comments or via social media.

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