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Mindlaunch features online summer tutoring

A woman works on a laptop on the Stanford University campus.
A woman works on a laptop on the Stanford University campus.
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As many schools close for the summer, children must continue learning. "When K-12 students don't continue their learning during summer vacation, they typically lose approximately two months or more of grade-level equivalency and can have a slower start when they begin the next school year," said Elaine Sigal, Founder and CEO of MindLaunch.

MindLaunch, a Silicon Valley-based live, online tutoring company featuring U.S. licensed teachers and common core compliance, announce its open enrollment for K-12 summer online tutoring courses. MindLaunch, a tutoring and online educational resource system features academic and enrichment learning programs for K-8 and high school students, as well as college and professionals. Individual and group lessons are tailored to any student's needs and geographic location.

The June through August program of two-week small-group sessions offers fun enrichment classes, core learning subjects, AP-level classes, and college test preparation to enable students to brush-up on prior courses or accelerate their learning for the upcoming school year.

"All courses are taught by U.S.-licensed teachers who tutor online, and are specially designed for each grade level to engage and maintain the student's interest. Elaine recognizes that students and their families need flexibility, especially during the busy summer months, so students can participate in their classes using a computer in any location with Internet access."

MindLaunch conducts its classes in a virtual classroom, equipped with two-way video and audio plus interactive whiteboards and real-time sharing and editing of lessons for a high-quality, immersive learning experience.

A full list of MindLaunch summer courses with dates and times is available at including a link to the registration page.
The following are MindLauch Summer Courses – available June through August:

Grades K-2:
All About Math Word Problems; Challenge Words; Famous Fables; Introduction to Spanish; Language Lingo; Jaws & Paws-Fantastic Predators; Manners & More; Math Mania; Mummy & Me; Save, Spend & Share; Summer Math Club; Summer Reading Book Club.

Grades 2-3:
Challenge Words; Creative Writing; Math Mania; Save, Spend & Share; Sports Math; Wacky Weather; The Wild Side.

Grades 3-5:
All About Math Word Problems; Be Like A Real Author; Etymologies; Grammar & More; Language Lingo; Law; Medieval Times; Reading Comprehension; Summer Math Club; Summer Reading Book Club; Think Outside The Box.

Grades 4-5:
All About Me; Challenge Words; Introduction to Spanish; Math Mysteries; Stock Market.

Grades 6-8:
Entrepreneurship for Kids; Everyday Environmentalist; Grammar & More; Introduction to Algebra 1 and 2; Introduction to Geometry; Introduction to Spanish; Micro Economics; Middle School Writing & Study Skills; SAT Prep; Stock Market; The Underwater World.

Grades 8-12:
ACT English & Math Prep; Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Spanish; AP Courses (Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English, European History, Physics, Psychology, Statistics, US Government/Politics, US History); Jewelry Making; SAT Prep (Critical Reading, Math, Writing); Write the Perfect Essay.
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