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Mindfulness meditation can help with anxiety and depression

The mainstay of treatment by psychiatrists for anxiety and depression are drugs which always have potentially catastrophic side effects and which can even be lethal. Furthermore, these drugs simply cover up symptoms of possible illnesses while creating worse symptoms from side effects, without actually curing anything. A good natural alternative for treating anxiety and depression is mindfulness meditation, reports Live Science on Jan. 6, 2014.

Meditating together
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Patients often experience a reduction of anxiety, depression and pain with meditation. Research has shown that people who practiced mindfulness meditation for about eight weeks to six months experienced significant reductions in anxiety, depression and pain.

With this form of meditation people learn to pay attention to what they are feeling physically and mentally from moment to moment. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have written, "Despite the limitations of the literature, the evidence suggests that mindfulness meditation programs could help reduce anxiety, depression and pain in some clinical populations." Studies have not found any reason to believe harm could result from meditation.

In traditional Buddhist ways of looking at life, cultivating mindfulness is seen as the key to overcoming suffering and recognizing natural wisdom, reports Psychology Today. Mindfulness is nurtured through the practice of sitting meditation. This is a really unique form of meditation because it is not directed towards getting us to become different from who we already are. Mindfulness meditation instead helps us learn how to be unconditionally present. Dr Harold Mandel Online offers mindfulness meditation training.

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