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'Mind Zero', a PS Vita dungeon crawl RPG, coming to US and Europe this spring

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Just yesterday, Jan. 30, Aksys Games, the video game publisher behind localizing and translating Japanese titles such as the BlazBlue series, has announced that it'll bring yet another game to North America and Europe.

That game is, Mind Zero (otherwise known as Mind=0,) a PS Vita exclusive dungeon-crawl RPG from Acquire, and it'll be released sometime this spring. You can grab the game for $39.99 either digitally or via retail in North America or digitally in Europe. Currently, the game is available for pre-order via GameStop.

In Mind Zero, you'll play as a Kei, a high school student who decides to form a pact with “Mind,” a monster-like being that grants its companion, special abilities and magical attacks to use against foes. By forming a partnership with “Mind,” he and his fellow friends are being chased down by the government and other forces and it's up to Kei to find out the mystery behind “Mind." The powers of "Mind" could either be his savior or his demise.

You and your party will be crawling through mysterious dungeons that are full of unspeakable monsters, which can come up to attack you at any given time. You’ll be battling enemies, one by one, and as the battling gets tough, you can utilize your characters “Mind” to unleash powerful blows and defensive abilities. Each party member is equipped with a “Mind,” which after each battle, can be leveled up that’ll allow new skills and abilities to be learned. Each “Mind” is unique, making it so you may have to switch around your characters in order to successfully fight against a certain enemy that has a particular weakness.

With over 50 hours of gameplay, numerous characters, and a mysterious plot, Mind Zero seems as though it'll be stuck in your mind, for quite sometime. Be sure to check back for more news and certainly a review for Mind Zero in the coming months.

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