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Mind your manners when flying

Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, there are certain rules which should be followed when flying. Some are obvious, some are not.

First things first. Prepare yourself for your visit with TSA. You have house rules, you have work rules, TSA has their rules. Remove your laptop and shoes and empty out your pockets. Make it easy and simply not only for your but for all those that are standing behind you in line. Get your boarding pass out and your identification. Do you really need to be reminded at this point?

Patience is the order of the day. Why are your racing towards the gate? Most airlines issue seat assignments, with the exception of Southwest airline (they make you stand in an orderly fashion). No need for pushing and shoving. Don't be an overhead compartment hog, either. That's not cool. Use the space above your seat. Don't go leaving your bag 8 rows in front of your seat. Better yet, unless the duration of your trip is over two weeks, learn to pack and travel light. When you're luggage is the size of a compact car, your bound to hold up the line. Don't be that guy! Remember to also use the space UNDERNEATH your seat. It's there for a reason.

Use your damn manner, people! Your parents didn't raise goats. Don't be a goat. Treat your flight attendants with respect. They demand and should receive your respect. They provide safety instructions and can assist with raising your comfort level.

Be respectful of others around you as well. Flying out tomorrow means no eating a can of beans tonight. We all have to use the bathroom. Let's not make your stop to the bathroom an all day event. Get in, get out. Done. If you're seated in a middle seat, make sure you GO at the terminal. Don't be that guy who interrupts their fellow passenger four and five times a flight.

Disembark the aircraft like you've been taught manners, and not by a pack of wolves. This is the worst part of flying, those passengers who just as soon as the plane lands, immediately release their seat belts and stand up (even though their heads hit the luggage compartments). Don't be that guy! Remember, you stand up and your ASS is on someone's face. Shame on you! When disembarking the aircraft, we typically go from row to row, working forward to aft. With the exception of a tight connection, it should always flow that way. If you have a tight connection you need to tell the flight attendant so he/she can advise passengers to stay seated until you get off the plane.

Don’t be a pig. If you order a drink, food or open something you bring on the plane, throw it away. I’ve recently seen people throw stuff on the ground; kick cans under the seat in front of them and even put crumbs in the seat back pockets in front of them. Planes don’t get deep cleaned until they terminate at night so you’re just passing down your crap to the next passengers that board the plane.

Sometimes I think there should be an etiquette test that every person who wants to fly must take. It would eliminate the rude folks aboard and make the flying experience easier for everyone. Or maybe I’m just flying too much and people are getting on my nerves a lot easier. Either way, you have my thoughts.

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