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Mind your manners this Valentine's Day

This Valentines Day many couples will dine at high end restaurants with unmannerly attitudes
This Valentines Day many couples will dine at high end restaurants with unmannerly attitudes
Emily Van Ort

You know the type. The guy who pulls a coupon out when the waiter brings the bill for dinner. The girl who belches after taking a swig of beer.

People haven’t any manners and it appears manner-less people are on the rise.

“Most young adults don’t know how to set a table, or even sit at a table and conduct a conversation,” said Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick from the Etiquette School of New York. “They sit in front of their electronic devices, playing games, texting friends, or checking Facebook.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many couples are expected to make reservations at several Minneapolis restaurants, including La Belle Vie, off Groveland Avenue in Minneapolis, who just recently filled all reservations for Feb. 14.

In order to ensure table etiquette compliments the pricey bottle of wine lovers indulge in on such a romantic holiday, Napier-Fitzpatrick offers up the top 10 most important things for diners to keep in mind.

  1. Put your napkin on your lap as soon as you sit down.
  2. Never put your napkin back on the table until the meal is finished.
  3. Know how to place your utensils on the plate in the “I am resting” position, as well as the “I am finished” position.
  4. Know where the proper placement of your utensils is on the table.
  5. Cut and eat your meat one bite at a time. Always cut your meat with your knife behind your fork.
  6. Never cut your roll or bread. Pinch off one bite at a time.
  7. Sit up straight and keep your arms (elbows included) off of the table.
  8. Do not put your cell phone, keys or purse on the table.
  9. Do not begin to eat until everyone has a meal.
  10. If you are with a client, order foods that are easy to eat with a knife and fork.

“It is more important than ever to know the rules of etiquette and protocol in our global environment,” said Napier-Fitzpatrick. Put the iPhone down and enjoy the food, company and ambiance this Valentine’s Day.

For more information on etiquette, those interested can visit The Etiquette School of New York website.

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