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Mind verses brain?

There is a HUGE difference between the Mind and the Brain. The Mind is the Creator of thought, while the Brain is the Receiver of thought! So often people make reference to the brain by comparing it to the mind, and nothing could be further from the truth.

You’ve heard the phrase, “What was I thinking?” In most cases, you weren’t thinking you were in a “reactive” mode.

Responding to data already stored in the word document you call your brain! The brain does not have one single original thought! It has a collection of recycled memories that either reference the pain or pleasure (mostly pain) of your past or the fear or anticipation (mostly fear) of your future.

Everything you think about seeks to find the corresponding data already filed in your brain; you may have new thoughts but, you respond in old ways.

You have also heard, “Thoughts are things” and/or “What you think about you bring about.” The creator and the receiver are like prayer and
meditation, one is asking, the other is receiving. The energy that connects
these together is based on the belief system programmed in your computer brain.

Here’s the good news: It doesn’t matter how old your computer is (brain),
or what kind of software you may be still running (past beliefs), or if your
hard drive is old and antiquated, you have the ability to update your files,
remove old software, delete old documents and reprogram your hard drive
at any time.

Why? Because there is truly nothing greater than understanding your mind…and renewing your brain!

Intuitively and intellectually what you believe to be true, should change as you evolve. Unfortunately you may change your mind but rarely do you change your brain!
When an old belief becomes a new truth, you don’t just change your mind…you must also change the belief file stored in your brain. Simply put, the brain is the computer, the computer stores the data, the data is saved in your documents, until you either update the file or delete it all together.

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