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Mind control proven possible by scientists

Anatomical location of the ventral tegmental area in humans.
Anatomical location of the ventral tegmental area in humans.
NIDA This image is in the public domain because it contains materials that originally came from the National Institutes of Health.

Electrical stimulation of specific brain regions in macaques has produced the first known evidence that mind control is possible. Wim Vanduffel and John Arsenault with KU Leuven in Belgium and Massachusetts General Hospital presented the first irrefutable evidence that mind control is possible. The research was reported in the May 29, 2014, edition of the journal Current Biology.

The experiments assessed the preference of macaques for a choice of two photographs that were not related to any natural experience like the need for food or sex. External electrical stimulation of the ventral tegmental area located in the mid-brain produced a reversal of choice in all the macaques tested. The change in choice can be considered to be against the will of the monkey. The ventral tegmental area produces a neurotransmitter called dopamine that has been shown to be involved in the reward system in primates and humans. Larger releases of dopamine are associated with a positive reinforcement scenario.

This research is also the first physical demonstration that a reward system exists throughout the brain and body that is initiated and controlled by the ventral tegmental area and dopamine release. Practical applications at present include addiction control and the management of learning disabilities. Both disease states have been shown to be involved with the reward system in other research.

The researchers state that the newly developed knowledge could be used to manipulate human choice. The technology at present requires that an electrode be placed in the brain to stimulate the ventral tegmental area. The same energy frequencies that produce choice manipulation could be produced using noninvasive energy sources like ultrasound, magnetic resonance, and other forms of light energy. The researchers note that present noninvasive technology is not capable of producing mind control in people or animals.

This research may be used by governments, political parties, and advertisers to manipulate choice in the future. Several studies in Europe and the United States have shown that stimulation of the proper area of the brain with a highly selective frequency of magnetic radiation has produced the remission of schizophrenia for as long as three years. There is no great leap of faith needed to consider that future attempts at mind control of large groups of people by manipulating the reward system will not be considered as a weapon of choice instead of conventional warfare.