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Mind, body, spirit

Mind, body, spirit
Mind, body, spirit
Yolanda Treviso

When the subject becomes mind, body, spirit (MBS), the discussion begins with balance. The premise of holistic health has much to do about balance, because without it, life begins to suffer. The human body has its own balancing system called homeostasis. So, for example, if a car is speeding towards a person, that person’s system will send off stress hormones such as cortisol to wake up the body so that it will run. The issue here is what happens when MBS stays out of balance.

Of course, everyone is out of balance at some point, even daily. However, staying out of balance, in any portion of the MBS will encourage the other two systems to break down. Here is an example. A physically fit person, used to working out, suffers an injury to the “body”. Assuming nothing is done to remedy the situation, depression will set in. Once depression sets in, long term mental changes may occur. This series of events can begin with any portion of the wheel.

The cure begins with awareness and ends without giving up. If the body has broken down, see a physical therapist and do the recommended exercises. If the spirit is depressed, see a therapist to learn techniques to empower life choices and eliminate toxic relationships. If the soul hurts, seek out an appropriate philosophical point of view that soothes the personal thought process. Whether it is a traditional religious dogma or a meditative eastern philosophy, the soul will benefit.

The key is to take steps to remedy any situation causing distress because stagnation never works.