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Mimi sex tape mix-up: Will the right Nikko Smith please stand up?

There are two semi-famous men named Nikko Smith. The one on the right has a sex tape.
There are two semi-famous men named Nikko Smith. The one on the right has a sex tape.
NikkoXO/Twitter and Nikko Smith/Wikipedia Commons

Nikko Smith from season 4 of "American Idol" wants fans to know that he does not have a sex tape coming out. There has been some confusion since news broke of the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" sex tape release of Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith. This is not the same Nikko Smith from "American Idol" as some outlets have mistakenly reported according to a Tuesday report by TMZ.

All press is good press right? Nikko Smith, who placed ninth on season 4 of "American Idol" is letting friends and fans know that while it is not him on the sex tape, he doesn't mind the confusion. Smith told TMZ, "There could be worse things linked to my name. At least the guy didn't murder someone." It looks like this new sex tape scandal is breathing new life into his 15 minutes of fame.

The less scandalous Nikko reports that his Twitter is buzzing with messages from friends and fans wanting to know more about "his" sex tape with Mimi Faust. Smith insists that he does not know Mimi and he's never met her. All this attention is a case of mistaken identity.

The Nikko Smith mix-up likely originated with one of the first reports on the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" sex tape by Hollywood Life. In their Monday report, they hastily published information that the Nikko Smith involved with Mimi in the raunchy film was previously on "American Idol." As fans can see from the picture comparison provided, not only are these Nikkos not the same man but they don't even resemble each other.

It's a good thing the "wrong" Nikko Smith has a pretty good sense of humor about all this. He says he doesn't mind being confused with the other Nikko because he's pretty well endowed and not afraid to show it. More likely though that the wholesome Nikko Smith is enjoying the extra attention and hoping it brings his vocal abilities back into the spotlight.