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Mimi Faust to release sex tape with Nikko Smith and it's sort of a BIG deal...

Mimi Faust... Desperate or Nah?
Mimi Faust... Desperate or Nah?
Vivid Entertainment

It was only a matter of time before Mimi got sick of being in the stripper shadow of castmate Joseline Hernandez and decided to go the extra mile and make a sex tape with co-star/boyfriend Nikko Smith. No one is remotely interested in seeing "Maid" Mimi and "Maybe I like boys" Nikko bump uglies... until NOW... reportedly Nikko Smith is packing and I'm not talking about firearms.

Shower scene... typical.

Other than Nikko's rather large surprise nothing else excites me about this sex tape. Mimi is sure to be stiff and boring just like she is on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and we are not here for that! Ain't nothing worse than a long, boring sex tape. However in a sick, twisted way this may just be good for her pockets since her raunchy vid was "picked up" by Steve Hirsch founder of Vivid Entertainment. At least we know they'll get REAL checks for showing every wet, sticky, stank, secret of their sex life.

So, Hey... no judgment here, do your thing Ms. Faust.