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Mimi Faust signs contract, slams 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' viewers and cast

Mimi Faust and Nikko London sign contract for tape release on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
Mimi Faust and Nikko London sign contract for tape release on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Mimi Faust is growing tired of fans and "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" cast members coming down on her for profiting off of an intimate tape with her boyfriend, Nikko London. In a video shared Thursday, May 8 Faust claimed that she doesn't know who to trust anymore.

"This is me and what I'm doing. You worry about you and what you're doing. I'm not really sure who I can trust right now, but we will find out real soon," Faust told VH1 after seeing and hearing things said about the tape May 8.

As seen on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," Mimi and Nikko signed the deal to distribute and profit off of the tape after flying out to a meeting and being offered a certain amount of money.

Claiming that she'd rather profit off the tape than sit back and allow it to be distributed online for free, Mimi Faust said she hopes to use the money to send her daughter to college.

"I can either let this tape run around for free or I can be a businesswoman about this and capitalize off of it and send my daughter to college," she shared.

Nikko London felt the same way.

"If they are talking about a lot of paper why don't we benefit?" he said.

Do you agree with their decision to profit and do you even believe the story claiming that the tape was stolen and just ended up in the hands of an executive willing to distribute it as a product?

In related news, Mimi Faust and Nikko London are not just profiting off of their tape. They are now doing club appearances, including one in New Orleans, LA on May 16.

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" airs on VH1.

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