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Mimi Faust shower curtain rods selling out after sex tape scandal: Is it safe?

Mimi Faust shower rods selling out after sex tape scandal - but are they safe?
Mimi Faust shower rods selling out after sex tape scandal - but are they safe?
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

The fallout from the Mimi Faust sex tape with fiancé Nikko Smith continues on another day, with stores such as Home Depot reporting a run on shower curtain rods from folks trying to emulate a scene from the apparently much-watched erotic tape, reports TMZ.

Indeed, Google Trends reported more than 1 million searches for terms such as “Mimi sex tape,” and apparently buzz about the slickly produced, multi-camera shoot shows no signs of slowing down.

However, fans of the “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” show can easily recall just how thin Faust appeared from one season to the next, prompting the reality show star to defend her approximately size zero frame against accusations of drug use. I mention this because a 100-pound woman swinging on a shower rod is quite a different thing than a 165-pound woman like me trying to attempt the same thing.

In fact, a search for the amount of weight that the so-called “Mimi shower rods” in Home Depot by Glacier Bay can sustain, which fit 43 to 72 inches in length, turned up nil information about weight load – so it’s seemingly a best bet to ensure the top weight they can handle, just like when I verified with the zip-line experts at Kalahari Resorts that their zip-line could handle up to 300 pounds before I mounted that thing.

In the super-trailer for “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” season three, Mimi’s ex Stevie J, a Grammy-winning producer and self-proclaimed womanizer now married to Joseline Hernandez, can be shown threatening Mimi’s parenting skills, saying he must make sure his daughter is safe.

Previews from the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" Season 3 premiere - coming Monday, May 5 at 8 PM ET/ PT – prove that in the wake of this latest sex tape scandal, this will most likely be the reality show’s most watched season premiere yet.

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