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Mimi Faust, is she in trouble or in charge?

Mimi Faust posing
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

Mimi Faust doing the deed in all kinds of manner with her boyfriend on video supposedly for their eyes only. I did not see that coming. To be fair, I have not watched Love And Hip Hop Atlanta since the first season. I didn't even know she was no longer with her child's father Stevie J, it seemed like she was going to stick by him no matter what. Now, while I love all things to do with love, I truly saw very little love if any on that show. But back to Mimi. Here is what I have to say and this is a caution to ladies out there.

Mimi's prior relationship with Stevie J was abusive. No, not in the beat you up black and blue eyes abusive, but the emotional and mental abusive. Yet she endured it. But why? Now that is a question only she can really answer.

But, wait a minute this is the thing, I don't think she even realized she was being abused. Being disrespected, being taken for granted maybe, but being abused I don't think so, but she was. Here are some of the facts experts agree are signs of emotional abuse:

  • Excuses for the abusive partner
  • Being made to believe that she was always wrong, jumping to conclusions to the point where she could hardly trust her own instincts, perceptions, opinions, reactions and feelings
  • Somehow finding a way to shoulder some of the blame when problems occur
  • And this is the big one. The abusive partners never takes responsibility for problems that occur in the relationship as pertaining to their behavior

Mimi had all of that going on and more. Lying, cheating and demeaning of her womanhood was a constant occurrence in her relationship. So why would she stay? Is it because she got caught up? Caught up in trying to salvage something she either truly believed had a chance or maybe she thought she was really in love or it could even be that she was addicted to his fame. Either way some real damage was done to Ms. Faust's emotional being. Even though Ms. Faust left the relationship, she took the emotional scarring with her.

In comes the sex tape. I believe this sex tape was just as much Ms. Faust saying hey, I am sexy and desirable and look how someone else wants me and is enjoying me and me them, as it was for the money. After years of watching her mate cheat with other women and lie about it, not respect her as his mate and mother of his child and take her feelings for granted, she was left with a lowered belief of her self worth and desirability. In other words Ms. Faust is trying to redeem her "worth" by putting herself on display for all to see and say "hey she got it going on" a la Kim Khardasian. However, Kim K. and Mimi F. are not the same and their reasons for their videos I truly believe are not the same. I am not here to knock anyone who does a video, that is not the goal, I am here to reveal how devastating emotional abuse is and what it can lead one to do. The relatively quiet, long enduring and suffering, presumably demure and respectable mom, Mimi Faust has a sex tape, but that is not the issue. The question is, is Mimi Faust in charge or in trouble?

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