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Mimi Conner Uses Fred Moses Minority Business Development Award to Spread Love

Mimi Conner
Mimi Conner
Misty Mckean Hoyt Photography

Mimi Conner, known as the fitness and swimming guru of the greater DFW area, wins the Fred Moses Minority Business Development Award last month. Humbled and honored by this prestigious award, Mimi decided to start a non-profit organization within her company, Aqua~Fit (AF Aquatics) Complete Family Wellness Center, called Ribbons For A Cause. When Mimi was looking for a keepsake piece of jewelry to celebrate her Breast Cancer survival anniversary, she was surprised at the lack of options around her. She teamed up with a local jeweler and created a stunning, personalized way to remember the struggles one endures with this scary diagnosis. Both Mimi and her husband are cancer survivors; Ribbons For A Cause was created to share this piece with you in order to help with awareness, memories and love. Funds are given to those struggling similar battles and unfortunate to win them alone and without help.

The Fred Moses Minority Business Development Award honors a business leader who illustrated exceptional business achievement, contributions to the community and dedication to integrity. Applauding the achievements of minority business owners and celebrating our area’s rich diversity, the committee that selects this award recipient is comprised of the former winners & selection is based on nominations accepted from the membership. The award is presented at the Best of Plano event. Each nominee is required to meet the following criteria:

• The nominee must own a business, or be a principal employee with a business, that has a substantial history of continuing operations at least four years.
• The business must have demonstrated growth in the number of employees, sales or other criteria of success in its industry.
• The company must have a sound financial history.
• The nominee should have demonstrated the ability to withstand and overcome difficult circumstances.
• The individual must be a current member of the Plano Chamber of Commerce who has made a contribution to the community in a commitment of time and other resources.

This fall is the perfect time to join this generous, warm and positive facility. Everything you need is located within AF Aquatics with a location that is extremely convenient for all surrounding cities/counties.

Call today to reserve your spot in one of our life-changing classes and be proud to call Aqua~Fit home.

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