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Milwaukee radicals again set to celebrate illegal immigration

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If it's May Day in Milwaukee, then it must be time for another pro-amnesty march to remind residents that groups like Voces de la Frontera have no respect for the rule of law, American sovereignty and certainly not for the plight of jobless American workers whose search for a better life is made more difficult by illegal immigration.

Voces de la Frontera says it's in the business of "defending immigrant and low-wage worker rights," so the obvious question is why, when Latino unemployment and poverty rates are the second highest in the nation, does it support amnesty that would give work permits to 12 million illegal aliens and double annual legal immigration to 2 million people? How would either benefit jobless Latinos here legally? Why isn't Voces demanding and end to high immigration levels that continue to depress wages for everyone?

Journalists should be asking Voces Executive Director Christine Neumann-Ortiz why she prefers to complain about what she says is "racial profiling" instead of protecting the real victims of our shameful immigration policy: native-born workers and legal immigrants. Ask her, too, why what she calls "comprehensive" immigration reform doesn't explain how it would affect 20 million Americans of every race and ethnic background who can't find full-time work.