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Milwaukee Mom scolds daughter: Posts video to Facebook to embarrass her

A Milwaukee mom scolded her daughter for bullying on Facebook and planning fights over the social network. The irate mom then posted the video of her scolding her daughter to Facebook. This mom wanted to make sure all her daughter's friends got a gander at their friend with the shoe on the other foot, according to the Global Christian Post on Feb. 21.

Mom scolds daughter on Facebook for embarrassing punishment.
YouTube screen shot

The 12-year-old girl had been suspended from school for starting fights and her mother forbid her to have a Facebook page after all the trouble she had gotten into by bullying. Her mom caught her on Facebook using a fake identity and plotting a fight with another child. She was also talking to boys via Facebook, something her mother also forbid.

The mother, Lorraine Wells said on the tape: "Tell them that you can't be on Facebook." Then a very sad, sullen response is heard from the daughter being scolded. Luticia said, "I can't be on Facebook?"

The mother repeated the same process with the girl having a boyfriend as well, and telling the camera "I'm reading my Bible."

The girl was using the Facebook page to plan a fight and since she had already been suspended from school for fighting, the mom wanted this to stop right then and there. Wells also said to her daughter with the video taping that if her daughter was caught again then the consequences would be much worse than an embarrassing video. The mom from Milwaukee was madder than a wet hen when she says:

"The next time that she's on Facebook and I catch her on Facebook, I'm beating the hell out of her."

This video got over half of a million views, so it is safe to say that at least a few of Luticia's friends got a gander at this. When the media asked Wells about her threatening comment that she planned on "beating the hell out of her" if she does it again, she basically said they were just words. Wells denied ever hurting her daughter, she just wants the best for her in life. This was a mother who was apparently at wits' end. Wells said:

"I'm not out to hurt my daughter, I want her to live. I want her to be somebody"

What do you think, is the kid so out of control that the mother would just about do anything to reel her back in, or was this over the top?

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