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Milwaukee makes healthy holiday choices easy

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Milwaukee, a city often associated with overindulging in rich foods and alchohol, is also an easy place to make healthy choices for celebrating the holidays, and to fall into stress-reducing habits that minimize physical, emotional and mental wear and tear.

As a new tradition -- or several -- why not make healthy holiday celebrating a pre-New Year's resolution, then simply continue what works best?

Greater Milwaukee boasts a long itinerary of must-see indoor destinations where walking towards better health will just happen naturally. Visit Milwaukee, Wikitravel and Yahoo! Travel can show many ways to go.

Walking is one of the seven most effective exercises, one of the best healthy habits anyone could fall into on purpose, according to WebMd.

Emphasizing the importance of flexible family activity periods in preventing and remedying obesity and the many ailments associated with it, the University of Wisconsin-Extension in Milwaukee County has published a long list of ways to get moving during any season. But winter holidays that draw people together traditionally could provide some of the best opportunities.

Single people can do most of those practical, everyday exercises alone, of course, or join with friends and extended families.

Next, nutrition upgrades could turn into new fun holiday traditions.

Planning customized healthy food tours around the Milwaukee (the City and the County) using Google maps might keep family and guests entertained for days.

With exercise and food improvements underway, alcohol drinkers in Milwaukee, or anywhere, might decide to shift to healhier imbibing also.