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Milwaukee Hikers raise funds for needy military families

Each and every day, wars of our world touch many families throughout the world to include our local and surrounding Milwaukee families. These wars create hardships with events such as major injuries and deaths of loved ones. In many cases, these hardships result with loss of family members that provide major financial and mental support to the families. For those of us who are not directly affected by it, it is difficult to find the words or ways to help provide support for these losses.

Memory Miles is a National event founded to remember and help families of our 'fallen heroes'. The 2012 event will run from May 19th to May 31. During this time, Active Heroes every where will walk, run, hike and bike to raise funds for military families in need throughout America.

Milwaukee hikers can participate also by setting up their own fundraising pages here. If you wish to participate and raise the maximum amount of funds, starting your fundraising pages now will be to your benefit. The actual event participation will be on May 19, 2012. Advertising your participation between now and then on all of your social media sources from facebook to pinterest will help you gain the donations needed to help military families all over.

Your hiking, running, walking, biking miles can be completed in your neighborhood or on trails any where. You can complete them by yourself or with a family member or friend or set up a team and enjoy it together. Find donors and direct them to your custom online fundraiser page or you can use our custom data sheets to get your neighbors and community involved by sponsoring your miles.

Milwaukee hikers can even assist in supporting this community supporting event each and every month...not only during the National event days. Monthly goals can be set and funds can be raised against those. Every month an 'Active Hero' is selected as the Fundraiser of the Month. There are many ways that fundraising can be done for our fallen heroes. For more ideas check the Active Heroe website here.

As Milwaukee hikers, Wisconsin offers us thousands of miles of gorgeous trails and roads to discover by foot or bike, by walking, running or hiking. Why not share your nature and outdoor passion of discovering this beautiful world with those in need?

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