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Milwaukee Film Fest 2011: Day 9

The ninth day of the Milwaukee Film Fest 2011 featured the first night of a tribute to an Oscar winning cinematographer and also featured one of the most challenging films of the festival.

In "Gandu", the title character looks for sex, money, drugs, and stardom. Part of Milwaukee Film Fest 2011's Passport: India program.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: A favorite of sci-fi fans, Spielberg's fantasy about alien contact with Earth features Richard Dreyfuss who witnesses a UFO and becomes a man obsessed. Not as loved as the director's "E.T." (and for good reason) because the film lingers too long on Dreyfuss' family drama in the film. Despite it's flaws, it's a film that has dazzling imagery and a magic ending. Also, how can one truly hate a film that features a nice turn by Bob Balaban and finds a role for new wave filmmaker Francois Truffaut? Rating: 4 of 5.

This film is a part of the tribute to cinematographer, Vilmos Zsigmond, who was there in attendance for a wonderful Q and A sesssion. Mr. Zsigmond will also be in attendance at the second part of the tribute with the screening of the 1979 Bette Midler film "The Rose".

"The Rose" screens Saturday, October 1st at 2:15PM at The Oriental Theatre.

Gandu (A**hole): Part of Milwaukee Film Fest's Passport: India program as well as one of the most daring films in the history of the festival, "Gandu" is a film destined to divide audience members. "Gandu" is a film that will challenge and shock festival goers. The film is about a young man who aspires to be a rapper and is known by the moniker Gandu (which translates to A**hole). Gandu meets a rickshaw driver known as Ricksha. The two become close friends. Gandu's home life is empty. His days are filled with stealing from his mother's boyfriend, pornography, and drugs. Gandu has dreams of winning the lottery and making it big as a performer. After getting caught stealing by his mother, Gandu gets kicked out of the house. He sets off with Ricksha on an odyssey of drugs and sex. A film that is bold, provocative, and not easily dismissed no matter what your feeling of the film or Gandu himself. Easily one of the most adventurous of the film fest, "Gandu" is not for the meek or mild, this film contains explicit sex scenes and is not recommended for those under 18. Rating: 5 of 5.

Additional Showtime:

Sunday, October 2nd 9:30PM North Shore Cinema

Film website:

Be sure to keep up with all the changes and additions to MFF2011 by going to their website here. One recent addition includes a screening for a Ralph Fiennes directed effort showing at North Shore Cinema. Check the fest's website for more information.

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