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Milwaukee faces most extensive construction back-ups since Marquette Interchange

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With I-94 / I-43 east and southbound narrowed to two lanes in both directions, and several one and off ramps closed, Milwaukee is facing the most extensive traffic tie-ups for long-term constructions projects since the completion of the Marquette Interchange in 2008.

Construction is underway on the outside lanes (right, in direction of travel) from just north of Howard Avenue to just north of National Avenue - northbound traffic barely has room to get over to exits toward the lakeshore and west to Madison.

The off-ramp southbound at Holt/Morgan is closed, as is the on-ramp northbound.

Traffic has been backed up during rush hour far beyond the immediately affected stretch of freeway, particularly southbound in I-43 as far away as Capital Avenue, and eastbound in I-94 from west of Miller Park. The bottleneck's drivers have faced going to Chicago, in Kenosha County, are now coming to city freeway traffic as well.

Both are part of the project, begun by Democrat Jim Doyle and enthusiastically continued by Republican Scott Walker, to widen I-94 from the Illinois border to Mitchell Avenue, opening traffic to four lanes in the end.

One portion of the project has greatly increase traffic safety, as the interchange connecting I-94 and I-43 to I-894, with exits for Mitchell Airport and College Avenue, are now sorted out to minimize rapid lane crossing. Eastbound on I-894 drivers can choose lanes for the airport and College Avenue, or for going straight through on the freeway to points farther south, and the same choices are available to southbound drivers on I-94, after sorting out traffic to I-894 southbound.