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Milwaukee Court Case Dogs May Be Headed for Freedom

Milwaukee Court Case Dogs May Be Headed to Freedom
Courtesy of David Manigold

Today is a great day for supporters of Milwaukee’s Court Case Dogs and those opposed to violence involving animals. It also happens to be a great day for those who seek to have justice meted out against criminals who force animals to fight to the death for their own personal gain.

Earlier today, federal and state prosecutors announced during a news conference that charges have been brought against a total of twelve Milwaukee residents for using or intending to engage 24 dogs in dogfighting matches. Ten of the defendants face charges at the federal level while the remaining two have been charged by local authorities; only one defendant remains free at this time.

According to prosecutors, the defendants are guilty of crimes related to dogfighting that began in 2009 and continued through the beginning of this year. Of the 24 dogs used by the defendants, 23 were recovered alive. Law enforcement officials also recovered three guns from the defendants.

Today’s news conference was hosted by Milwaukee County’s District Attorney, John Chisholm, U.S. District Attorney, James Santelle and additional officials from Milwaukee’s police force, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Explosives as well as representatives from the ASPCA.

Fortunately, members of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals remain in Milwaukee and are working with MADACC, or the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission, to figure out the future of this county’s Court Case Dogs, some of whom have been detained by MADACC for over two years because of their owners’ alleged crimes.

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