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Milwaukee area animal shelters and refuges

There are several animals shelters and wildlife refuges in the Milwaukee area both private and government run. They each provide specific functions for the community.

Wisconsin shelters provide care and adoption services to communities throughout the state. They capture stray animals and attempt to reunite them with their owners. When older pet owners pass on or can no longer care for their four-legged family member shelters take these animals and put them up for adoption.

Many animals that are brought into these shelters have no medical history. Some shelters provide a thorough veterinary checkup for the animals before they are put up for adoption. In most situations there is no information about temperament or tendencies for physical problems.

The state also provides for animals control agencies and wildlife refuges.

Wisconsin shelters require that an individual wanting to adopt an animal from a shelter must be 18 years old or older. If there are young family members they must accompany the adopting adult to be sure of the compatibility between animal and child.

There are many wildlife refuges throughout the state both private and state run organizations. Some are in the Milwaukee area and others are a good day visit. The private sanctuaries may require an entrance fee and donations are always appreciated whether a public or private sanctuary.

Milwaukee area residents can enjoy the winter landscape in the area wildlife sanctuaries.

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