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Milwaukee animal shelters, The Wisconsin Humane Society

Of the many animal shelters in the Milwaukee area, the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) is one of the best in the nation. It provides for wellbeing of both domestic and wild animals.

Located just west of downtown Milwaukee, WHS also has campuses in Racine and Ozaukee County. The shelter offers up for adoption dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and small mammals. It also has a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Dogs and cats are brought to the shelter where they are vetted and kept individual rooms. They are walked twice a day. Once adopted out the rooms are disinfected and ready for the next occupant.

The shelter also has birds, reptiles and various species of rodents up for adoption. These animals are caged in an alcove in the main reception area of the Milwaukee facility. The public can view these small mammals and reptiles. If they are interested in a particular individual a volunteer will allow them visitation in an adjacent room.

The wildlife rehabilitation center is located on the north side of the building. This wing houses the reception area with Wally’s Workbench displaying items for sale to benefit WHS wildlife department and the Wildlife Gallery depicting the variety of wildlife in the State of Wisconsin. There is also a viewing window to the nursery were the public can observe staff caring for the newborn wildlife brought to the facility. The actual center is not open to the public

WHS Department of Wildlife rehabilitates a variety of species and some that are endangered like Peregrine Falcons as well as familiar urban wildlife like foxes and raccoons. These animals are under veterinary supervision and qualified professionals oversee the volunteer staff on the care of these temporary residents. Once they are in good health they are released in the same area that they were found. Those animals that cannot be released are kept for educational seminars and visit schools and other organizations. They are tamed enough to handle petting, traveling in carriers and being close to people.

WHS is a privately funded organization depending on donations from the general public and foundation grants. It is also dependent on the volunteer staff without which this organization could not function.

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