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Millions pass on the Mooch school lunch plan

Students refuse to the eat the menus that even Mooch herself won't eat
Students refuse to the eat the menus that even Mooch herself won't eat
Weasel Zippers

First Lady Michelle Obama, the World's Foremost Authority on child nutrition, sought to impose her ill-informed notions of childhood nutrition on millions of students in government-run schools by changing the menus for school lunches. The First Lady, known by the nick-name Moochelle or “Mooch,” tried to get the kids in school to eat what she thinks are “healthier” and instead the kids thought the lunches were disgusting. More than a million school kids, probably the ones who can bring lunch in a brown bag from home, quit eating the Michelle Obama-designed lunches.

The Hill reported yesterday that 1.1 million school students participated in the National School Lunch Program in 2013 than had done so in 2011. The number of students eating lunch served via the program dropped from 31.8 million to 30.7 million.

Many schools and school disctricts have dropped the Michelle Obama lunch plan because they are losing money from particpating in it. They have to pay for the food and staff preparing it, and have to plan for some many meals being prepared every day for students, and when a significant percentage of students (either paying cash or subisidized students using tickets or cards) don't buy the school-prepared lunches, they lose money on all the unsold meals. This massive loss of money is causing schools across the country to dump the Mooch plan. Many have informed students they dropped the new menu and have gone back to the old plan the students prefer. So it's back to pizza, burgers and tater tots for student who refuse to buy the other stuff.

One has to suspect there is likely an aspect of social injustice for the students coming from lower income families who get subisidized lunches at school. Lacking the resources to buy extra groceries to send their kids to school with brown-bag lunches, those lower incomes students are stuck with the choice of eating the poor quality food from the Mooch plan or going without lunch. These would be the same students are are stuck in sub-standard government-run schools because liberals like Mooch and the president are against allowing those families to participate in voucher and school choice programs. Once again, the liberal Democrats who constantly tell us they are working to better lives for the poor, are doing quite the opposite.

Time for the remaining schools, and the entire country, to dump the failed Mooch Plan. And it's time for Mooch to not give up her day job. Oh, that's right, she doesn't have one, unless spending hundreds of millions of tax dollars on vacations somehow counts as a job.

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