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Millions of kilometers away-Saturn horoscope is crucial

Truth hurts, as do major Saturn transits.

Larger transiting planets reveal life events that all people have in common, and the planet Saturn is one of them. The effects of Saturn's influence begin at birth. Saturn represents the human capacity for overcoming struggle. It’s about obstacles in life that increase maturity. The two and a half years that it stays in the arc of one particular sign require self discipline and hard work.

Saturn's revolution around planet earth takes approximately 28 years. At this time, the first conscious major life influence takes place. This period is known as a Saturn return. Depending on how long a person lives, this transit can occur three times in life. There are other minor transits that take place at seven year intervals, but the “returns” have the most impact.

One of the ways I point out the reality of this transit is through observations about my high school friends who married soon after graduation. Most of these marriages dissolved at about the age of 28. Why? Because transiting Saturn brought in a lesson.

People don't become adults until the age of 30 or so, according to astrology. Being that Saturn takes two years to complete a life cycle, it begins roughly at 28 and goes on to the age of 30. At this time some painful lessons have revealed who a person really is.

Ergo, when marriages dissolve or breakups occur during this time, it's the result of self discovery. Each partner may see changes in the other if they are the same age. Or the older mate goes through a complete transformation.

Often, when a life partner changes, the response of the other is a feeling of abandonment. Or maybe the newly uncovered personality simply isn't compatible. Actually, the person is the same, but with a more defined persona that is usually not obvious early in life.

When the real self emerges, Saturn transits become a factor in breakups. Personality crystallizes under this transit. That's one reason this major influence in astrology is associated with relationships.

However, there is more impact - much more.

Often major Saturn transits are described with words like constriction - roadblocks. Consequently, depression, frustration and other negative terms come along with the astrology predictions. Health and vitality may decline during this time necessitating a close watch on a healthy diet and plenty of rest.

Actually though, after having been put through the fires, reaping the benefits are rewarding. My favorite astrologer, Eileen Nauman, compared the end of a Saturn return transit to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

There is a clarification process that comes through with the painful truths involving transiting Saturn. Though at first this period seems unpleasant and depressing, it is the subconscious teaching lessons about the self.

Other periods that mark Saturn's astrological effects are the ages between 54 - 57, then again approaching the age of ninety. Accumulated wisdom from lessons learned as a human being prepare people for dealing with end of life issues at this stage.

Astrology involving the planet Saturn always plays a really important role in any individual's life. Social life is diminished, and depression could be a problem. A stick-to-it-ive attitude and discipline are the best methods for coping. Gradually results appear like flowers after a springtime rain.

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