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Millionaire using 'hidden cash' Twitter handle gives away free money, daily

A millionaire who uses the Twitter label "Hidden Cash" is giving away $20 and $100 bills.
A millionaire who uses the Twitter label "Hidden Cash" is giving away $20 and $100 bills.
Wikimedia Commons

Looking for some free money? A millionaire wants to give it to you, but he is hiding $20 and $100 bills in white envelopes only in select locations, so you have to do a little bit of leg work to find it. But tips are dished out daily on his Twitter handle "Hidden Cash" and he says he is unloading as much as a thousand dollars a day, according to this May 27 report from USA Today.

We checked in to see what "Hidden Cash" is doing today to help relieve him of his guilt for making millions in the past few years and learned that a few minutes after 1 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET), the wealthy donor gave out this Twitter clue.

You'll find white swans here; and if you're lucky, a white envelope (Too easy ???)"

The money is hidden in San Francisco and beyond, and he uploads a picture via his Twitter account, so those following his clues can get a visual about the latest money drop site, according to the philanthropist's tweet account. And USA Today reported that he plans to expand to New York City and Los Angeles in the near future, making finding money a fun activity for even more folks.

The Golden Gate Bridge has been one drop site thus far, as was a Salvation Army, a farmer's market parking meter location, as well as the beach and a museum, to name a few.

This giveaway guru wants the finder of each cash envelope to follow him on Twitter after they collect that white envelope so they can tell him about their find. And he promises more tips on where to find more money, so he is getting those followers.

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