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Millionaire Raffle produces 11 pages of winning numbers: 4 new millionaires

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A Millionaire Raffle held by the Pennsylvania Lottery seeks to increase the winning odds of gamblers in the state, making more of them millionaires if possible. And no one can fault the officials of the twice-per-year game when it comes to disclosing the winning ticket numbers, as they put out as many as 11 pages of them in an effort to let the public know just who won, according to I4U on Jan. 6.

The PA Lottery lists four millionaires were made during the most recent millionaire raffle. Those winning numbers are 00077226, 00332500, 00339016, and 00355789.

Four raffle winners also won $100,000 cash each, and those winning numbers are 00009710, 00068057, 00352025, and 00393530.

As many as 100 people each won $1,000 in cash from the Pennsylvania Lottery too. For those winning numbers and the page after page listing of winning numbers for the $100 cash prizes to be awarded click here.

If you are looking for a long detailed list of the winning numbers for upcoming Publishers Clearing House prizes, then let the elite prize patrol team know you would like to see one of those too by commenting on their Facebook page.

The sweepstakes company currently has as many as 22 winning opportunities available on their website, with prizes ranging from $10,000 for a five-star ski trip to their $1 Million-a-Year Forever prize, which they will give away on Feb. 28. But they don't typically list the winners like the PA Lottery did in their Millionaire Raffle this week. But if you ask them nicely maybe they will start doing it.