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'Millionaire Matchmaker' sees the return of tough teddy bear on Bravo

The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Tonight's Bravo episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker," is titled “Return of the Tough Teddy Bear & the Shredder.”

As the episode begins, the edition of Millennium arrives with Patti’s picture on the cover. David immediately wants an autograph, so Patti starts to write it on his chest. Patti talks to them about their blogs; Justin's is “The J Spot,” David’s is “Adventures of Cupid in Boys Town,” and Marisa’s is not up yet, so Patti decides to call it “The Hunt by Marisa.”

For this week’s millionaires, Patti’s friend Rachel Uchitel, who makes Patti very happy, because she always picks the wrong guy. She has an 18-month-old baby and has made lots of mistakes, but she wants to help her. Patti labeled her a shredder, because she does not give men a chance.

The other person is a repeat offender, Steve Lobel. a Jewish white manager of rappers, who Patti hooked up over a year ago. The woman was not ready to settle down. Patti labeled him a tough teddy bear, because of his gruff exterior, but soft insides.

With both diverse, but picky people, Patti had to come up with a new version of her mixer; the Two-Way Marriage Mixer.

She went to meet with Steve, 48, at his recording studio. He wants someone to be themselves, as he will be himself. He had Patti do a rap before they talked. His father was at the session, and Patti invited him to be there. She and his dad will ask the women questions, and Steve will be watching through the two-way mirror and can relay questions to them without the women knowing. He has never been married, has no children and wants kids soon.

Patti met with Rachel, who has a small daughter. She wants a man to complete the picture. She loves being a mother and believes that her image is not how she really is. She lost the love of her live on 9-11 and spoke to him on the phone as the plane hit the building, and the phone went dead. Since then, she has been embroiled in several scandalous stories. She is anxious to shred her past and find love everlasting. She will also be looking through the two-way mirror for her candidates.

Steve was first up as the women were interviewed. She and his dad had fun asking the women the questions. Coincidentally, both Steve and his dad chose Allie.

The next interview was the men for Rachel. She was very picky, and even Patti got annoyed at her, especially when the guy she liked smiled too much.

For Steve’s date, he met Allie at the shooting range, when they were going to shoot some guns. They had fun at the gun range and she found it to be romantic. Later, they went to one of his favorite places for a romantic gondola ride. He gave her yellow roses and brought a picnic basket with wine and snacks for the ride.

Brandon planned the date with his mystery woman at the Beach City Baseball Academy in El Segundo. She met him there, and he hoped to teach her how to play baseball. Later, they went to a nice restaurant where they spoke about their past relationships. When he got out of the Marine Corps, he had a heavy relationship, but he was not ready, so she married the first guy she saw and had kids. He really liked her and when they were departing, she kissed him and then a few more kisses followed.

Patti and Marisa called Allie to see how the date went. She told them that it was romantic, but he did not ask her out again. Marisa went to get Steve, and he brought a basket of goodies for her. He liked Allie, but she was not the girl for him, and they promised to find someone else for him after he sent her a list of the traits he wanted in a woman.

Brandon got called by Patti and David. He told her they went to play baseball and then went to dinner. He told her that she actually initiated the kissing. Then they called Rachel who confirmed that she had a great time and did admit to kissing him.

Steve and Allie have not seen each other again. Once the tough teddy bear figures out what he really wants, he may return.

Rachel and Brandon have been in touch, but have not seen each other. Rachel has learned that picking a nice guy isn’t the end of the world.

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