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'Millionaire Matchmaker' sees ‘Patti Uncensored: Three Dates Gone Wrong’

The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger
Photo by Valerie Macon

Tuesday night's Bravo bonus episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker," was titled “Patti Uncensored: Three Dates Gone Wrong.” It stars Patti Stanger as the person who hopes to make matches that should last a lifetime.

As the episode begins, Patti reviewing some dates that ended in disaster, some, even before they began, where she gives her unbiased opinion, and Patti sure can dish it out as she has a way of saying the truth like nobody else can do.

First up was Dr. Alex, a plastic surgeon who was rough around the edges, to say the least. He was nicknamed Dr. Butts by Patti because he primarily does posterior resculpting. He chose Valerie for his date, a girl-next door type. He revealed lots of his crazy on the first date and when Valerie asked him if he typically slept with his first dates, he told her he was up for whatever she wanted. This girl went back to his home, there was another woman there with gigantic breasts who he said was a pastry chef. She had a cake shaped like a woman’s behind and spoon-fed him the cake as Valerie told him the date was over. As Patti narrated the entire date, she was grossed out and continued to tell Valerie to run for her life.

The next millionaire who lit up Patti’s twitter account was Jason. At first, she thought he was a nice guy, until he brought in his entourage. He chose Amy for his date. He picked her up in a stretch limo and took her to his “favorite sushi” restaurant, but did not know how to use chopsticks, but he sure could drink. He went way over the two-drink maximum rule and was drinking sake bombs. For his next part of the date, he was taking her to a rooftop bar where his entourage would be there to meet her. When he took her to the rooftop, it was like a frat party, with more drinking and fist pumping. What a horrible mess. Patti apologized to Amy for ever letting her go on that date.

The third one was Michael a musician, who preferred slender women size 0-3 and at 58, preferred much younger women. Patti did not like that idea at all. He chose Rolana, who was in her forties, and started the date with flowers and a ride in a hot-air balloon, but she was afraid of heights, and after assuring her by both Michael and the balloon driver that it would be alright, she went and had a good time. Next, they had a private room at a winery with a string quartet. As Patti continued to give him points for doing everything properly. Soon he decided to sing to her with the quartet. He had a pretty nice voice and was singing to her as she cried tears of joy. He really touched her heart, and as Patti stated, it could easily have turned out to be a disaster, but for this date, it was a success on this special episode of "The Millionaire Matchmaker."

Dr. Alex admits he messed up with Valerie and is still single. Jason married a girl from Patti’s club, but they did not know if it had an open bar. Michael and Rolana did not date long, but is following Patti’s advice and dating women his own age. Now he is looking for the right girl with a song in her heart.

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