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'Millionaire Matchmaker' matches ‘The Trust Fund Brat & the Cliffdiver’

Tonight's Bravo episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker," is titled “The Trust Fund Brat & the Cliffdiver.”

Ex-NFL player Jeff Ogden was a client of the Millionaire Matchmaker
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

As the episode begins, the guys are making fun of Marisa, who loves to take selfies. When Patti walks in she shows her how to take a great one. Then Justin tells Patti he has a new client for her; an ex-NFL player from the Miami Dolphins named Jeff Ogden, and David has a trust fund baby named Ian Bernardo.

Ian is 33, a trust fund baby and art dealer whose parents have a net worth of eighty million dollars. Ian is gay and knows that he is a basket case, but feels that by paying Patti enough money, she can find him the right match. Patti knows that Ian is obnoxious and insecure, but Patti feels that she can kick his ass into gear and give hope for him to have a successful relationship.

Jeff Ogden is 38, from Austin, Texas. He owns a fitness club and was an undrafted free-agent with the Dallas Cowboys where he played for two years, spent two years in Miami with the Dolphins and went to the Baltimore Ravens for one year. He prefers well-groomed women with no hair down there.

Patti met with Ian at her office. She chastised him for wearing sweats to her office. He has been in the Israeli army and lived in Colombia. He does not feel comfortable listening to anyone. She told him that he must follow her rules, and although he is gay, he adores her.

Patti is on her way to meet Jeff, and she thinks he is a hottie and cannot understand why he needs her help. His celebrity crush is Jessica Beale. He has been married twice; the first one was for just one day, and the second for one month. She immediately labels him a cliffdiver, who jumps into relationships and sometimes hits the rocks, and other times hits the water. She has to make him a surfer, where he looks at the weather and not just jumps off the cliff.

Carson Kressley came to the office to help Patti with Ian. He spoke from a gay man’s perspective and told him how to dress and act.

Patti and her crew interviewed the woman for Jeff and had great candidates. Then Carson interviewed the gays with Patti, but he could not stay for the mixer.

At the mixer, both guys and girls were there and having a good time. Then Patti introduced her two millionaires. At the mixer, Jeff had fun meeting the women, but Ian was still obnoxious. When they had to choose the two mini dates, Ian chose Phil and Matt, and Jeff chose Melanie and Katya. Jeff chose Melanie and Ian chose Phil.

For their date, Ian took Phil to Cirque School, to see how the Cirque de Soleil performers hone their skills. Phil wants to know what goes on under Ian’s façade.

On Jeff and Melanie’s date, Jeff hired a surf instructor to give them both lessons. Melanie never surfed before, but as a gymnast, she had good balance. Jeff did not fare as well, but they had fun.

As the lesson proceeded Ian and Phil had a great time with the acrobatics they were learning. Phil is very positive compared to Ian.

As Jeff and Melanie were sitting on the beach after the lesson, they sat and got to know each other, then they played football on the beach as her throws were surprising to Jeff that she had great arm strength.

After the lesson, Ian and Phil had a drink together as they talked. Phil loves elephants and sees the good in everything. Ian asked him what good he saw in him, and Phil told him that he was a good person, but put his guard up too often. When he let his guard down, there were moments of sincerity that Phil just enjoyed. They agreed to another date, and hugged each other.

When Patti called Melanie, she enjoyed her date and would like to go out with Jeff again. Then Jeff came in to see Patti, and he told her that he followed her direction and stayed away from the cliff.

Next, they called Phil, who told them that when Ian let his guard down, he was himself and fun. When Patti asked whether Phil will see Ian again, he said definitely if he shows the sincerity that he did. Patti was thrilled after speaking with Phil and then Ian came in. When Patti asked him about the date, he seemed negative, because Phil told him about the walls he puts up. She thought he meant that he did not want to see Phil again, but he did want to see him again and loved the date. Patti finally gave Ian a hug.

Since the date, Ian and Phillip have been in constant contact, and Phillip plans on traveling to New York within the month to visit.

Jeff is planning on seeing Melanie the next time he is in Los Angeles. The Cliffdiver is avoiding the edge for the cliff for now.

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