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'Millionaire Matchmaker' matches ‘The Technical Brain and Moonstruck’

Tonight's Bravo episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker," is titled “The Technical Brain and Moonstruck.”

The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger
Photo by Dave Kotinsky

As the episode begins, David gives Patti the name of his millionaire, Dr. Emil Chynn, who she recognizes immediately from the Howard Stern Show. He has a lot of requirements for his date; age 27-35, graduate degree or major undergraduate school, a member of Mensa, skinny size 0-2, and Patti believes he is out of his mind. David told him that he offered up his $100,000 Ferrari to anyone who could find him a wife. Patti has her druthers about doctors; most want an ideal wife, and she feels they could not get a girl wet if she was sitting in a hot tub. Patti does not know why they are taking him as a client, but David says he is really trying to find love.

When Patti listened to his video, he was 47 years old, his celebrity crush is Gisele Bundchen, and he realizes that although he is a world-famous eye surgeon, Patti knows her stuff, and he is counting on her to help him find a wife. So Patti agrees to help him for three reasons; she does not believe he has a chance on his own, if he has only one romantic bone in his body. she can find him love and third, he has a lot of money.

Marisa found Daniel Passov, 32 from San Diego. Marisa wanted to know why Patti did not find him for her? His celebrity crush is Mila Kunis, and his parents have been married for 44 years, and he is ready to meet the girl he is going to marry. He prefers the girl to be Jewish, petite, down to earth and a girly girl. Patti cannot believe he is alone, and wants to get to the bottom of why.

Patti met Dr. Chynn for coffee. He felt that he sacrificed his youth for his career and his patients, but now is ready to settle down with the love of his life. He is familiar with online dating sites and dated someone for a year and a half, but the deal breaker was having kids, which he definitely wants. He admitted that his list was not set in stone.

Daniel came to Patti’s office; he started designing sorority and fraternity tee shirts while in college, and has become an entrepreneur. He wants a woman to make him feel like a romantic movie like “Moonstruck.”

As the interviews proceeded, they found quite a few girls for each guy and the mixer was scheduled for the next night. The mixer was a champagne mixer, and some makeovers were awesome.

When Emil started laughing, his laugh was a turnoff, and he lacked the romantic charm that would woo a woman. He was too analytical, and Patti had to do something quickly. She sent David in to run interference, and change the subject. Daniel had a good time with the women, and they seemed to like him quite a bit.

For their two mini dates, Emil chose Dani and Stephanie. Daniel chose Ariel and Danielle. Emil chose Stephanie and Daniel chose Ariel.

Daniel met Ariel at Opus Oils, a Jitterbug Perfume Parlour, where he wanted to make a perfume just for her. As the master perfumer gave them different scents to test, they got to smell them on each other’s neck.

Emil took Stephanie to Il Cielo, one of the most romantic restaurants in Los Angeles. He had rose petals strewn all over the place; it was a beautiful gesture. Then he asked her about having children and when she would be ready to do so. She was not exactly happy to hear the line of questioning before they even had dinner on a first date. He feels as a New Yorker, he is getting to the point. When the meal came, she said it was perfect timing. He did not get off the subject too easily, but they have not had a proper sit down conversation, and she felt like it was a business proposition.

Daniel then took Ariel to Pour Vous, a Parisian cocktail lounge in L.A. where he told her how great she smelled with the new perfume. They ordered drinks and agreed to taste each other’s. He asked her questions like, what her dream job would be, she would like to be acting; he would like to be the towel boy at the Lakers game, because he loves the Lakers. She was afraid that by being a goofball, they would not be too compatible, but she feels that he is a goofball too as they shared quite a few laughs together and a nice kiss.

On the other date, as cordial as it was, there was no spark between them.

When Patti called Ariel, she heard that the date went well. When Daniel came in he was aglow, and when Patti asked if they were going to see each other again, he said they went to a Lakers game the night before.

For the other date, they called Stephanie first. They asked how the date went, and she told them how lovely and romantic the venue was. She then told them how he went straight for the kids talk. He was too logical and to the point. Patti believes he cannot be analytical, socially awkward and pushing his agenda.

Then they called Dr. Chynn, and he realized the error of his ways and told Patti that he planned to have a romantic dinner and stuck his foot in his mouth by making the date an interrogation. They have not spoken since their date.

Daniel continues to take it slow and not fall for the “fairy tale.” He and Ariel have been seeing each other regularly.

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