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'Millionaire Matchmaker' matches ‘The Fixer and the Dick’ on Bravo

The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger
Photo by Dave Kotinsky

Tonight's episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker," is titled “The Fixer and the Dick.”

As the episode begins, Seth Grabel and his fiancée come to visit Patti to thank her for helping him find the perfect woman. After he does a magic trick, Patti then takes her team out to 41 Ocean Club in Santa Monica to thank them for a job well done.

While there, they preview the clients for the week. First is Justin’s and his name is Chad Towersey, who Justin said can be a douche to women, and he proved it by his video. Patti called him The Dick and Marisa said he is the type of guy she steers clear of. The next millionaire is Justin Cooper, who is looking for a nice Jewish girl like Patti. He does not mind telling a woman if she does not look stylish, although he believes he is not trying to change anyone he dates; he just wants them to be the best they can be. Patti called him the Fixer, because he wants to fix things to please himself. She feels that he is nothing but trouble; you can bring them the ultimate hottie, but they will want to fix everything about them. Oy vey!

For the two guys, both in advertising, they decided to have a Madison Avenue martini mixer. Chad came to visit Patti at the same place they had lunch, and brought her white roses. He is always on the go, and works and plays just as hard. Patti told him he was a dick on the DVD; his reply was that he was a disgusting man whore. Patti put him in his place, and he felt like he was on a spit rotating. He did manage to convince her that he wanted to be married and have kids, and would try not to be a dick at the mixer.

Patti met Justin at Killer Shrimp, he explained how he was a self-made man and about six-months after college, he was diagnosed with glaucoma and lost the vision in his one eye. Patti dug deep and got the answers she wanted, as only she can do. Justin is big in the Jewish community, and Patti told him she was his rabbi and not to lie to her. She told him he was The Fixer, and he admitted it was due to his insecurity about losing his vision.

At the recruitment, the team found several women for both guys. At the mixer, everyone looked stylish and Patti gave the guys their orders before the mixer started.

When she introduced them, the guys went right to their assigned groups. Chad showed his colors when he asked the group if they minded if he split early in the morning to go surfing and keep the bed warm for him? This did not sit too well with the group. As the mediators tried to change the subject, he continued to revert back to his usual way. When he tried to ask questions about the women, he became very nervous, as he seemed not used to talking about anyone else but himself. His nervousness eased once he acted real and chose Frances, the girl from England.

Justin asked questions about how Jewish the girls were, and if they were charitable. He made them feel comfortable, unlike Chad, and he chose Becca.

For their date, Justin took Becca to the Vod Box in Beverly Hills where they have many different kinds of vodka in a 28 degree room. They had to don fur coats and hats to follow the tour guide on a vodka adventure. They tasted a few different kinds and seemed to have a great time. After their vodka experience, they went to Opaque, a completely pitch dark dining experience. He confessed that he was blind in one eye, and she had no idea. In the dark, he could not be judgmental or self-conscious. They even shared a nice kiss.

Chad took Frances to Mendes Brothers gym to teach her jiu-jitsu, one of his favorite sports. They had a great time, and she did not mind knocking him to the floor. Later, they dined overlooking Laguna Hills with a romantic guitar player serenading them. Then they had a seafood feast fit for royalty. They agreed they would like to go on another date and seemed like a perfect match.

The next day, Patti and Justin called Frances to see how her date with Chad went, and she raved about it. Then Chad came in and had the same feelings. She told him he was no longer a dick, and he promised to remain that way.

Marisa and Patti called Becca, who loved her date with Justin and wants to go out with him again. Then Justin came in and was very happy with his date and certainly wants to see Becca again.

Chad and Frances have gone out several times since Patti set them up. Chad’s transformation from bad boy to good catch seems to be working.

The fixer seems to be fixed. Becca has already visited Justin in Chicago. They have just returned from a trip to Barcelona.

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