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'Millionaire Matchmaker' matches ‘Frat Brat and Numb With Fear’ on Bravo

The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger
Photo by Dave Kotinsky

Tonight's episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker," is titled “Frat Brat and Numb With Fear.”

As the episode begins, Marisa comes in to let the guys know that she went to a wedding over the weekend, and the groom paid the best man to write his vows. Patti was appalled at the thought.

Justin has John Bonavia, who is 29 and a financial advisor. His frat house mentality has him dating all the wrong girls. He calls them whores, because they usually have sex with him on the first date. He is ready to grow up and puts himself in Patti’s hands.

Marisa has David Epstein, 43, a cosmetic and implant dentist. Never been married, his Jewish mother busts his chops all the time. He is ready to meet a nice Jewish girl. he can bring home to his mother. He also told Marisa that he was scared to meet Patti.

Patti met with John first, he told her he loved to spend time with his buddies, and that adds to why he has not found the right girl yet because he put his friends first. Now approaching 30, he wants to get married and settle down. Patti dug deep into his past and promised to do a mixer for him. However, this one will be different; he will have two minutes to tell the women all about himself. The standard two drink maximum and no sex before monogamy rules still apply.

Patti met with David, the dentist and owner of a beer company. With little free time, he is in need of her help to find his bride. Patti told him that he had to stop worrying about what his mother thinks. He has to shake off the cowardly lion inside of him and channel all his confidence in his two-minute speech to introduce himself to a room full of beautiful women.

As they interviewed the women, Patti found plenty of girls for the guys and at the mixer, David stammered a bit for the intro, but John was more a showman than dater. When he was warned, he changed his persona and became more interesting.

When they had to choose women for the mini dates, John chose Katrina and David chose Leslie.

On their date, John and Katrina met with a tennis pro who taught her how to play a game she never played before. She squealed each time she hit the ball which he found adorable. After tennis, they went to the Caffe Roma in Beverly Hills. He did a lot of talking, but did give her a chance too. They found out they had a lot in common, and she liked him and agreed to a second date.

David and Leslie went golfing, something Leslie never did before. They had fun, and she started getting the hang of it. After the golfing, they had a dinner under a tent with sparkling lights on the golf course. It was extra special and Leslie never experienced something like this before. She learned that he is an adrenalin junkie. David believes that his mother would love Leslie, and they agreed to see each other again.

Patti called Katrina and asked how the date went. He was a complete gentleman and is taking her to the Lakers game on their next date. When John came in, he confirmed the words Katrina told Patti.

The called Leslie and found out that they clicked, but did not kiss. David told her they had fun and are seeing each other again.

John and Katrina have been out several times since Patti fixed them up. Katrina is helping the “Frat Brat” grow up, and settle down.

David has conquered his fears, and flown Leslie to San Francisco for a visit. They’re planning a weekend together in Napa Valley.

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