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'Millionaire Matchmaker' hosts a Valentine ball on Bravo

Tonight's Bravo episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker," is titled “”Mr. President” Meets the “Beverly Hillbilly.””

The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger and her beau David Krause
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

As the episode begins, Justin walks in as David is decorating the office for Valentine’s Day. Patti announces that this is the biggest holiday of the year for matchmakers, and they will celebrate it with a Red Ball.

David has a candidate who resembles Barack Obama named Matt Brooks. He is 30, lives in Del Rey and is an entrepreneur, but he plays the Obama card too much.

Justin’s guy is Adam Winters, 24, born and raised in Tennessee and now living in Beverly Hills. Patti knows Beverly Hills girls will not want his country ways, so she is looking for a country girl for him. She also announced that nobody should be alone on Valentine’s Day, so there will be lots of extra men around for the women who are not chosen for the master dates.

Patti went to Le Cellier to meet with Matt. She cross-examined him and both found out the hard truth, that he needs to communicate more with women and was a serial monogamist.

Next, she went to meet with Adam at La Dolce Vita. He is the CEO of Green Technology Transport. Patti was not happy with his desire to find a trophy wife and bring her back to Tennessee. Patti asked him the usual questions and was flabbergasted when he answered some of them. She gave him hope, and she educated him a bit before the Red Ball.

When the interviews started, they met some really nice young women. She chose most of them, and Patti is renting dresses for them and having their hair and makeup done.

The ball was lovely, and the women looked gorgeous. Matt asked lots of questions and found the women were enthralled with him. Adam had the women eating out of his hand. Then Patti asked who of their two choices was their master date. Matt chose Emily and Adam chose Kate.

For their date, Adam took Kate to The Wildlife Learning Center to fnd about the mating habits of the animals. The male squirrel monkeys like to wash their faces and bodies with their own urine to attract females. They even watched tortoises mating, and saw foxes that remain monogamous, as Patti suggested.

Matt took Emily to a place to make chocolate, an aphrodisiac where they will pair the chocolate with more items that had the same qualities. It did not take long for them to start kissing.

After the animals, Adam took Kate to Piccolo Ristorante, where he reserved the restaurant only for the two of them. Kate told Adam she liked nerdy guys, and he was just nerdy enough. As the date progressed, they kissed and vowed to have many more dates. Adam admitted that Patti was right about the chip on his shoulder, but Kate took that away immediately.

As Matt and Emily proceeded to their next place, an awesome restaurant, where he had his favorite singer serenading them, red roses and sushi. They both admitted to being passionate about everything they do. She told him she wanted to go to law school and work for the ACLU.

When Patti and Justin called Kate, they heard how much fun she had on the date, and how much she liked Adam. When Adam came into the office, she asked when they were seeing each other again; he replied as soon as he leaves her office.

They called Emily next, and she told Patti how amazing it was, and that they have gone out twice since the date. Patti was ready to jump through the phone. When Matt came in, he told Patti that her magic was working. Then she noticed a hickey on his neck and told him to hurry back to his sweetheart.

Adam and Kate have been out twice since their date, and he may have found his Country Gal after all. Matt and Emily are a true match; they sent Patti pictures of their recent trip to Costa Rica.

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