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'Millionaire Matchmaker' helps ‘Workaholics’ on Bravo

Tonight's Bravo episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker," is titled “Workaholics.”

Millionaire Matchmaker fixed up Katrina Parker finalist on The Voice
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

As the episode begins, Patti is meeting with her staff, Justin has Dr. Theo Kousouli, a chiropractor and holistic healer who is a workaholic and spends too much time with his clients. David has Katrina Parker, a singer who was a finalist on The Voice. So how is Patti going to set up these two workaholics?

Katrina met with Patti; she wants someone who respects what she does, and needs a good kick in the rear to separate her work life with her personal life. Patti asked her direct questions about her weight, which she made no apologies for, as she is a plus-size woman. She is looking for a liberal, religious man, and someone who wants to treat her with respect.

Dr. Kousouli came to visit Patti and brought her flowers. He was a photographer before a swimming pool accident left him nearly paralyzed, when a chiropractor, with just a few moves of his hands, gave him his life back. He works from about 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. and has very little social life. He is the doctor 24/7, and must be Theo, not Dr. Theo, if he wants to find a lasting relationship.

As the recruitment proceeded, they were looking at the men first. They were interesting guys who liked plus-size women. Then Patti and David took time out from work to meet with relationship expert Dr. V, to help with a few problems they were having with their relationship.

Prior to the mixer, Patti gave both Katrina and Theo instructions. She introduced the millionaires, and told their bios. On each table, there were ice breaker cards with questions to ask the candidates. First, Theo asked a woman her favorite movie to watch over and over again, and her appropriate reply was Groundhog Day. One woman asked why he had a scar on his chest, to which he replied that he had open-heart surgery to save his life. A woman there, had a similar experience, and said that you never saw life the same after such an experience, to which he agreed.

Katrina had fun with her guys, but was talking about work too much, but David reminded her to get off the subject. Then Patti asked who were their two choices? Katrina chose Tim, the vocal coach, and David, a singer/choreographer. Theo chose Tania, a philanthropist and Pinky, a fashion stylist. For their ultimate choice, Katrina chose David and Theo chose Tanya.

For their dates, David had flowers for Katrina, and they went to the House of Blues for their date, then afterwards, because she loves horror movies, he took her to a Hollywood cemetery.

Theo and Tanya met for a photo shoot overlooking the ocean. She seemed a bit uncomfortable at first, then she got into it. After the shoot, he reserved a private room at The Sunset restaurant overlooking Malibu beach. He fed her a piece of his octopus. They had a great time and agreed to another date.

Patti and David called about the date to ask David how his date with Katrina went. He said they had a good time, but were more like friends. When Katrina came in, she told Patti that there was zero chemistry, but they had a nice time.

For Tanya’s call, Justin and Patti listened to her tell that they had a photo shoot and a nice time. Although she did not let him kiss her, they agreed to another date. When Theo came in, he showed Patti a picture from the photo shoot and Patti told him that he was actually glowing.

David and Katrina have not kept in touch, but she now knows that when the real one comes along, she will know that she can have a relationship.

Dr. Theo and Tanya have been out several times since Patti introduced them. Dr. Theo may have finally filled a prescription … for love.

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