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'Millionaire Matchmaker' helps two of ‘NeNe’s Bridesmaids’

NeNe asked Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger for help
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Last night's Bravo season finale episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker," was titled “NeNe’s Bridesmaids.” It stars Patti Stanger as the person who makes matches that should last a lifetime. The final choice is up the each person, although she does not always agree with the choices they make.

As the episode begins, Patti recalls attending NeNe’s wedding, as she receives a phone call from NeNe Leakes asking for Patti’s help in finding a guy for two of her best friends. So NeNe arrives at Patti’s office to give her the information about her friends. Diana Gowins, 41, gives too much, and has a set of boy and girl twins who are thirteen and a daughter 22, in college. Patti calls her an over-nurturer who does too much for a guy, making him want for nothing. After the twins go to bed, she studies, as she is currently about to re-instate her nursing license for the state of Georgia. She has taken a break from dating since 2012, but is ready for love again. She wants a manly man who will be a great father to her children. So Patti gave her the rules, especially the no sex before monogamy, a rule she has broken in the past.

NeNe told Patti that Dawn Robinson, 44, was very bossy, she works for a financial firm, has been married, but has no kids. She feels that she is single because she has a low tolerance for bullsh*t. She claims that it is hard to find a man in Los Angeles. She would like a cross between Matthew McConaughey and Don Cheadle.

When her interview process proceeded, NeNe was there to question the guys for her friends. They found really nice guys for the women. When they met the guys, they were surrounded by such great men and they were having a great time speaking with them.

After the women had a chance to speak with all the men, Dawn chose Isaac and Ryan for her mini-dates. Diana chose Demarco and Dante for hers. In the end, Dawn chose Isaac and Diana chose Dante, and Patti announced that they were best friends and going on a double date. The guys took the women to the “3rd Street Dance Studio” for some salsa lessons and Louis Van Amstel, from Dancing With the Stars, a friend of Dante was there to give lessons. The women had a great time dancing.

The next part of the date was a rooftop dinner overlooking downtown Los Angeles, with the rooftop decorated like a winter wonderland. The women had a ball. As they raised their glasses, it started snowing on the rooftop. They were delighted with each other’s company. Each one was having a great time on this dream date. Patti and David called Dante and found out how happy he was with the date, and yes, he did kiss her. Then they called Diane on video phone and she spotted balloons in the background. They arrived this morning from Dante, but he has only been texting her. Patti told her to tell him she wants to hear his sexy voice.

Next Justin and Patti called Isaac. He was over the moon with happiness and said how great the date was. They then brought Dawn in, who was happy and glowing all over.

Patti had a wonderful year, she found the love of her life in David, she has a new staff and a new office. Hurry back soon, there are more matches to be made.

After seeing each other for a short while, Diana decided she and Dante don’t want the same things. She is happy that Patti taught her not to mother the future men in her life.

Dawn says Isaac is wonderful, he’s not intimidated by her at all, as they continue to see each other on this episode of "The Millionaire Matchmaker."

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