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'Millionaire Matchmaker' helps ‘The Shy Extrovert and the Rescuer’

Tonight's Bravo episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker," is titled “The Shy Extrovert and the Rescuer.”

The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

As the episode begins, Patti meets with Mitch Berger and his wife Bambi. Fans met Mitch and Bambi on the episode titled 'The NFL Kicker & the Workaholic' back in March of 2013. The happy couple are now newlyweds and Mitch wants his friend Fiona Forbes to meet Patti and be as much in love as he is.

The second person is Jack Roddy, a 57-year-old man who owns a bar in Cleveland and is a fire chaser, works for the insurance company to solicit the owners to rebuild. When Patti saw his video, she was surprised at his age, and that he was more blue collar than the white collar millionaires she deals with. He was engaged to a woman who wanted a larger ring than the six-carat one he bought her. However, he has also been dating women in their twenties, which Patti found appalling.

Fiona came to Patti’s office; she has a talk-show in Vancouver called The Rush. She wants to meet a smart guy with a nice personality. She is comfortable talking with people in an arena, but is shy around small groups, so Patti called her a shy extrovert. She is going to ask Mitch and Bambi to help her find a guy for her.

Patti went to meet with Jack at a bar called Chez Jay. She knows that he is a bit rougher around the edges than most of her clients. He enjoys hanging with blue-collar people, and growing up in Cleveland made him tough, but a nice person. He is looking for a beautiful woman who is down to earth. Patti found more about him; he wants someone who can take care of herself. She will interview people for him while he looks through her marriage mirror.

Patti and her crew started the interview process for Fiona. As Patti, Mitch and Bambi questioned the candidates, Fiona and David watched through the marriage mirror.

Patti put Marisa undercover for Jack and called her Julia. She wants her to act like the type he would normally desire, and see if he chooses her, but she said he came from Cleveland, and he could not get that out of his head. So he watched with Justin as Patti goes through the interview process.

For her date, Fiona chose James, with his British accent and love of the outdoors. They went for a hike in the Ojai Valley, but she did not have the proper shoes, which in a way, was a blessing because he had to hold her hand quite a few times. She told him about the hidden cameras and how she watched him the entire time. They walked through the vineyard and met with the vintner and did some wine tasting.

For Jack’s date, he chose Annette, although he adamantly wanted Julia. As they went out on a boat, he told her his life story, which she was not sure was the right thing to do.

As James and Fiona had lunch, she told him about her shyness, and it seemed like a great date.

On the boat, a private chef was there to prepare a nice meal for them. As he continued to talk about his life, she started feeling uncomfortable and felt more like he was her father than a date. He wanted her to join him in the hot tub, and she acquiesced, but when he mentioned calling her again, she told him that she was not the one for him. Then he told her that Patti forced him to choose her and she was not his choice. This made the rest of their time together, very uncomfortable.

When Patti called James, he felt that he and Fiona could be friends, but there was no real attraction for him. Patti asked him what advice would he give Fiona, and he said for her to be a little more flirty. Then she video-chatted with Fiona, who did not have the chemistry with him either. She admitted that she let her guard down more than usual, and Patti told her about the flirty comment. She will be in touch with her when she finds more guys for her. Patti considers it a victory, because it was a good practice date.

When Patti called Annette, she told her that at the beginning of the date, he was very kind. When she went in the Jacuzzi, he did not want to go in. When he asked her out again, she let him down nicely. He then told her that he did not pick her, and that Patti forced him to choose her.

Patti called Jack, and he told her that Annette was boring. He started getting a bit miffed at Patti, and she let him have it in spades and threw him out of the club and hung up.

Fiona has kept in touch with James; they are becoming friends. When she meets her next dream guy, she’ll have the confidence to approach him.

Jack has returned to Cleveland, alone. He has resumed looking for a girl like Julia.

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