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'Millionaire Matchmaker' helps ‘Make Time for Love and Betting on Change’

The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger and her beau David Krause
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Tonight's Bravo episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker," is titled “Make Time for Love and Betting on Change.”

As the episode begins, Patti and David are at Coolhotyoga where they are hanging on sheets like the circus. Dr. Vee suggested they do non-work related activities, so he dragged her to this class.

Marisa has the first millionaire; his name is “Vegas” Dave Oancea, a professional gambler who is 36 and his longest relationship was two weeks! Patti feels that he may have money, but it will not buy you class and maturity. Patti chastised Marisa for bringing people she has to fix before she can fix them up.

David had the next one, Gerry McCambridge, a Las Vegas headliner, who performs mind tricks and is known as The Mentalist. He is 51, divorced twice and works six nights a week. Without the time to devote to a relationship, he is looking for someone who wants to fill the empty space in his life.

They decide to do a little black dress mixer, and she assigns her team to each of their fortes. As she goes to meet Vegas Dave, she realizes that he is a short attention span dater. Even he admits that anyone with class would not date him. When he described what he wanted in a wife, Patti told him he wanted a slave; not someone he would love, cherish and spoil. She told him these are not the 1950s. She wanted him to shave his beard, but he did not want to wear a suit. She told him that if he did not judge women by what they were wearing, then why should anyone want to sleep with him? She told him he looked like he fell out of someone’s ass, and needs to clean up his act or no mixer for him.

When Patti met with Gerry, he told her that his six kids, three with each of his two wives are the center of his life. He takes them to school, does work related things while they are there and picks them up after school and spends as much time as he can with them. She gave him the rules and added one more to the two drink maximum, no sex before monogamy and now a must on the first date; a French kiss.

The interviews started, and beautiful women were abundant. Patti and her crew found several who were perfect for each guy.

When the mixer started, Dave bombed with the women. He had no dating personality and asked two women how old they were. He had nothing intelligent to say, and if he is looking for a woman, it was difficult to see. Gerry was having a great time, and the women were enjoying his company. Suddenly, Dave walked out. He told Patti that he did not like any of the girls and was done. She told him he was the rudest person she ever met and does not deserve to find a girl.

Gerry found two women for his mini date and chose Carrie, the police officer. When Patti told the women that Dave left the building, most were very happy, because nobody wanted to date him.

On Carrie and Gerry’s date, he took her to The Spa at Green Valley Ranch in Vegas. They had a couple’s massage. Then he rented a private suite where he brought in a private chef to make them an awesome dinner.

Coincidentally, Patti and David needed a vacation and also went to Vegas. They had a great time and the food, drinks and gambling all went their way.

Back in the office, Patti and David called Carrie to see how their date went. She told Patti that they had a great time, but she does not feel they have a connection and there was no kiss. When Gerry came in to see Patti, she asked him if he wanted to go out with her again, and he said no. He said there was friend chemistry, but no romance.

Gerry and Carrie never spoke again after the date. Dave returned to Vegas, and nobody is betting he will find a wife any time soon.

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