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Millionaire hubbie pleads no contest to hiring hitman to kill model wife

Secret audio recording:  ‘You want her dead, 100 percent?" to which husband  Dino Guglielmelli replied, ‘Why wouldn't I?’
Secret audio recording: ‘You want her dead, 100 percent?" to which husband Dino Guglielmelli replied, ‘Why wouldn't I?’

Dino Guglielmelli, 53-year-old millionaire health supplements entrepreneur, was sentenced to nine years behind bars on June 18 in a Los Angeles courtroom after being charged with trying to pay a hitman to kill his estranged wife, former model Monica Olsen. As part of a plea deal, Guglielmelli pleaded no contest to trying to have his wife killed.

Guglielmelli, and Olsen, 32, had been embroiled in an ugly divorce battle and were fighting over custody of their two kids, according to ABC News. The truly damning evidence in the prosecutor’s case against Guglielmelli was a secret audiotape recorded between the millionaire husband and his friend and business associate, Richard Fuhrmann.

After Fuhrman alleged that Guglielmelli approached him with an offer of $80,000 to kill Olsen, Fuhrman recorded a follow-up conversation between the two, which was presented as evidence at Guglielmelli’s trial. A portion of the audio transcript has Fuhrman asking, "You want her dead, 100 percent?" to which Guglielmelli replied, "Why wouldn't I?"

Emily Cole, prosecutor in the case against Guglielmelli, said that Fuhrman’s audio recording wasn’t the only conversation between the two; and that Guglielmelli had been plotting to have his wife killed for about a year.

The couple once seemed to have it all, including a sprawling mansion in Southern California. Guglielmelli is the founder of Creations Garden, a multimillion-dollar natural products company that distributed Olsen's successful skincare line - Skin by Monica Olsen - to drugstores nationwide.

The Los Angeles Times also reported on a portion of Fuhrman’s audio recording that has Fuhrman asking Guglielmelli how his two daughters would cope with the death of their mother, to which Guglielmelli can be heard saying, “They're totally fine. All they need is their dad." Although Guglielmelli had a thriving money making business with Creations Garden, after he was arrested he lost that company and had to file for bankruptcy.

After almost a year of scheming to have his wife killed, Guglielmelli was finally arrested in October 2013, according to SCV News. Because he pleaded no contest to his second-degree attempted murder charges yesterday in court, he’ll be serving a minimum of 85 percent of his 9-year sentence in a state prison.

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