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Millionaire Harry Reid VS rancher Cliven Bundy

Harry sings “This land is my land, made for me and mine”
Harry sings “This land is my land, made for me and mine”
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The saga of the Bundy ranch is playing out like a dime store western novel on our favorite news and entertainment shows. The main characters were introduced in the preceding chapters. There is Cliven Bundy who herds cattle for slaughter on his ranch in Nevada and his volunteers who rushed to his aid. Then there is Harry Reid who herds voters to be slaughtered by his policies assisted by his hired ranch hands the BLM.

The siege of the ranch thought well planned does not go as scripted. Reid’s ranch hands let the situation get out of control on the ground and in the media. Bundy’s volunteers drove them off with overwhelming force and positive media coverage. Before riding off, all hat but still no cattle Harry announces to the relieved rancher this is not over. True to his word Harry Reid tries to reverse the positive spin by calling Cliven and his supporters “Domestic Terrorists”.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Harry searches for some hired guns to supplement his ineffectual BLM ranch hands for the next assault. He finds what he is looking for in local reporter and 2013 Urban Daily award winner for her piece on racism in the Palute tribe, Lynnette Curtis. Lynnette like any good hired gun moseys over to Bunkerville to check out the scene. When she arrived she could not believe her luck. The only reporter present one week after the siege ended was Lynnette. What an opportunity, with no witnesses she could shape the story her way, for fame and Harry’s gratitude.

Ms. Curtis quickly realizes that asking Mr. Bundy about the Watts riots was a stroke of genius. She edits the tape to remove her questions but close enough to see his response. She rides like the wind to Harry’s hacienda. Reid is pleased but wants to be sure of a fatal blow. He needs it polished up by a professional someone like openly gay L. A. Times Bureau chief Adam Nagourney. He sends the tape and promises Curtis a byline on the story.

Adam needs a few days to polish and remove any positive reference to Mexicans to make sure Cliven looks extremely racist. Harry is so excited about the finished product he almost blows it by announcing before the story breaks something will happen soon. Finally after five days of polishing the second assault is ready and published in the paper of liberal record the New York Times. (NYT)

Mr. Reid is quite pleased his hired guns accomplished what his ranch hands at BLM could not. They have managed to sever Bundy from his supply of supporters, and turned around the media narrative from land grab to racist. The liberal press sensing blood in the water circles the wagons and dutifully reports the story thru the eyes of the hired guns. Lynnette Curtis gets her byline (see fine print at bottom of NYT story) and the promise of future access to Harry. Adam Nagourney basks in the glory of a story that fell into his lap. Adam even allowed himself to be interviewed on how he set the trap for Bundy. (Adam interview)

According to the media the story is over. Cliven Bundy is a racist and that is that, the debate is over. Is the narrative much different than discounting a prostitute’s claim of rape or a criminal’s accusation of police brutality? What in the hell happened to the “severity of the charges”? Why does no one in the media ask why the Bureau Chief of the LA Times would travel 300 miles for a story laid to rest a week before? If Adam actually performed the interview why the byline from Lynnette, was she the “times photographer” and enabler? Why not just photo credit? Does it arouse anyone’s suspicion that Media Matters has its watermark on the edited tape? (Media Matters “helps” produce stories)

So that is the state of our serialized dime store novel so far. These questions and others probably won’t be answered by the press. The story appears to be at its climax so stay tuned for further installments of the rancher vs. the land grabber from the East.

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