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Miller Lite entices beer lovers to come back with vintage packaging

Miller Lite Beer
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

A year ago, Miller Lite released their 80’s-retro cans and bottles. It was supposed to be a novelty for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, and last for only three-months. Since they released these retro beer cans and bottles, their sales increased. In fact, these beer lovers went as far to say that it even tasted better.

Even with their increase in sales, they are still the No. 4 beer in the U.S. With the package change, consumers believed they did not buy the same old Miller Lite. However, the beer has not changed one bit. Ryan Reis, senior director for Miller’s family of brands, said that, “A lot of people said, ‘I think the beer even tastes better.”

Reis believed the white could set the Miller Lite products apart from their competitors. They thought about changing the beer design, but they just brought back the old can. The key beer-buying demographic is men ages 21 to 30 or so. Even though these men may not remember this can design, the look of the early 1980s is mysteriously trendy again.

Regardless if the cans struck a nostalgic cord, or stood out on the shelf, it still left consumers curious. Beer lovers purchased more Miller’s Lite and were happy with their purchase. This great marketing campaign intrigued people to talk about the brand. However, they will have to continue coming up with more clever ideas.

Even though Miller Lite has put a lot of confidence in the label change, they still need to continue marketing appropriately. According to IRI, a market researcher, their sales for 12-months ended on Aug. 10, and were down 1 percent. This does not mean that the beer company will not continue to strike another emotional chord with their loyal consumer base.

However, consumers will have to just wait to see what is up Miller Lite’s sleeve. At this point, their social has been on point. Their Facebook page has over 2.1 million likes. On their Twitter account, they have 117,000 followers.

Their social media strategy is to post once a day, everyday. The engagement levels have consistently held the fans’ attention. In August, they ran a campaign that asked fans to show photos of them with Miller Lite cans. They would turn around and include these photos in their television commercials.

These commercials will air throughout September on Spike TV and Comedy Central.

About Miller Lite

Sold by MillersCoors of Chicago, Ill. This beer is a 4.2 percent abv pale lager. It was one of the first mainstream light beers to hit the market. The beer had numerous actors and athletes that have promoted the brand. Some of those renown people include:

  • Bob Uecker (Former Major League catcher and Milwaukee Brewers broadcaster)
  • Joe Fraizer (heavyweight boxing champion)
  • Marv Throneberry (American Major League Baseball player)
  • Boog Powell (a former major league first baseman)
  • Jim Honochick (American League umpire)
  • Bubba Smith (pro footballer/actor)
  • Don Carter (pro bowling legend)
  • Billy Martin (American Major League Baseball player)
  • George Steinbrenner (principal owner and managing partner of Major League Baseball's New York Yankees)
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