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Millennials disenchanted with the America they voted for

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“I hope he fails.”

Rush Limbaugh’s prayer for America’s first black president was received by Democrats as a racist curse on the nation.

“Hoping the president fails is hoping the country will fail. Anyone who condemns the president’s policies is doing it because he’s black and they’re racists.”

Barack Obama had everything going for him. He entered office during a recession so bad it is now being called the Great Recession. Congress was his to rule with a Democrat Supermajority that was filibuster proof. All Republicans could do was whine and he had no reason to give heed to anything they had to say.

From day one he made it painfully obvious he didn’t give a crap about Republican opinion. He blamed conservative policies since the beginning of the Reagan presidency for the current state of the economy because he gave rich people a tax break so the government was short-changed. For six years during the Bush presidency the liberal media went to extremes to convince the public that the economy was horrible. Despite unemployment being below 5%, despite wars being won casting down Islamist dictatorships, despite keeping Americans safe from attacks by Islamist terrorists for his entire presidency, Americans voted to turn over congressional control to Democrats in 2006.

In 2008, a black man with an Islamic name mesmerized the youth of America with lofty rhetoric and rainbow promises to remake America into his vision of a great nation. But America’s young, ignorant of the history, not only of the world but of their own nation, didn’t understand that the dreams of Barack Obama were not those of Americans, but those of America’s enemies. They believed what they wer told, that Republicans were only for the richest 1% and that Democrats were for the little guy – and they couldn’t know that they were being duped by a man, by a media, and by an ideology that makes Bernie Madoff and Ken Lay look like they were running charities.

Millennials voted for Democrats under Obama to run the country, and he has been doing so with little to no Republican opposition. And as their policies devastate the economy they cast blame on Republicans at every turn, leaving an oblivious generation in their ignorance lost in place as their futures are spent out from under them. Millennials are losing faith in America! Not because America is failing, but because they are coming to realize that the man they thought was a new messiah is a sham.

America has suffered its worst decline since the Great Depression and it has all been due to democrats successfully scamming people into believing the opposite of the truth. Democrats are not for the little guy fighting the party of the rich. They are the rich imposing tyranny on the little guy.

What does it take for Millennials to see through the smoke and mirrors of the liberal media and Democrat’s bait and switch blame game? Is it truly rocket science to understand that it is the policies of conservative Christians that benefit all and not the divisions created by socialists? Their only policy is to steal from those who work for a living and give to those who vote for a living, and those who are being duped and not part of the parasites are the biggest part of the problem.

America has been corrupted by the Left to the point that the Golden Goose is dying. Millennials are crying over America’s decline, but it is the America they voted for! It’s time for young people to take their heads out of their asses and pay attention to what their national leaders do and not what the Kardashians are doing.

Stop believing in insane lies like government needs to save the planet from cow farts! Or that the more money they spend, the richer you will be. Open your eyes and see who the real racists are – those who support a radical liberal only because he’s black. Those who steal do not do so to give it to someone else.

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