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Millennial Generation abandon Obama

Town Criers in historic district of St Augustine, Fl  on 3-14-14
Town Criers in historic district of St Augustine, Fl on 3-14-14
TCC Staff

Millennial Generation abandon Obama

Town Crier in historic St Augustine, FL on 3-14-14
TCC Staff

The pictures above, taken on March 14, 2014, were not staged. These are the Millennial Generation, enthusiastically being photographed with anti-Obama signs on St. George Street, on this past Friday. They now know the score. Obama lied to them and his advertising campaign to get them to sign up is not working. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”, said one of the Millennial.

“The whole thing is a scam”, a Town Crier and Millennial said. “Obama and his comrades are trying to convince us that we have to pay for seniors’ healthcare. But, in fact, Senior Citizens have already paid for their own health care with mandatory deductions from their pay checks for the past 50 or more years. In addition, they continue to pay with continued deductions from their monthly Social Security checks.” Still another Millennial said, “Obama is trying to make Millennials hate Senior Citizens by telling them that they will be paying for Senior’s medical care. Baloney! This is a con job.”

“It is the United States Federal Government that has stolen the payroll deductions from the ’Social Security lock box’. In fact, there never was a ‘lock box’. All the money was put in the general fund account. Plus, along the road, dead beats who have paid nothing into the Social Security Fund, received and are receiving, money that they never contributed. The Federal Government stole the money for its own proposes. Now, it is ‘creating money’ in collaboration with the Federal Reserve, which is still another con job. Obama is using every Communist strategy found in the Communist Manifesto: Class warfare, racial warfare, divide and conquer lies, exaggeration, propaganda and deceit of every kind. But it has caught up with him,” a Town Crier retorted.
Now that the Millennials have seen the monster, face to face, in Obamacare, the light has come on. They see clearly, that “Obama Is an Enemy of the People”. They are willing to be photographed and to post their photos on Facebook and other social media. This sign, introduced, March 14, 2014, is now circulating around the globe.

“Thank, you Tea Party! St. Augustine may be the Oldest City…but it is the first to publically expose Obama as a Communist, week after week, to a worldwide audience!” a by passer exclaimed.