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Millenial generation fighting and allying with dumb and dumber

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Today's clueless in America are beginning to open their eyes and uncover their ears to the truth about ObamaCare and its author. Millenials are learning that Rush Limbaugh’s hope that Obama would fail has been in vain and that Obama’s success in imposing the new “law of the land” is going to do them tremendous harm. Obama is exhorting the young to trust him and sign up for ObamaCare. They may have been fool enough to believe the lies Barack told them about ObamaCare, but now that they are standing over the pit they are afraid to jump in for what they smell at the bottom.

America produces very few Christian conservatives these days. Most youths are taught that socialism is good and government stealing from those who work to give to freeloaders is righteous. Dumb moderates control the Republicans and dumber liberals in charge of the Democrat Party are teaching the young to be dependent on government rather than be responsible for themselves. So corrupted have they become that they blame conservatives for the woes that they have voted for themselves and blame both parties rather than the two of three factions within the parties actually responsible.

Barack Obama campaigned as a conservative who would stop government spending. They did not believe the Christians who warned of wolves in sheep’s clothing – that’s old fashioned. They did not understand that he is the typical liberal who must lie to get their vote.

They do not understand liberal backwards thinks that Obama’s assertion that the economy grows by people spending the money they make rather than by making money to spend. He blames businesses for not creating jobs as he steals away their profits that are used to grow their companies. They do not comprehend that the money the Democrats promise to give them must first be taken from someone else through taxation, taxing money that they would use to create those jobs.

As a leader Obama has the childish belief that as president all he need do is say “make it so” and it will be done. He has no clue how business works and thinks profits should be his for the taking. Obama’s understanding of being a leader is thinking his job is “looking for whose ass to kick.” The person whom young people have been duped into believing has all the answers they are only now discovering is a charlatan who is more adept at finding scapegoats and casting blame rather than finding solutions and creating jobs.

Obama has been president for five years and Democrats have controlled Congress for seven years, installing ObamaCare, spending trillions in new debt, and promoting the Green Movement to shut down energy. Conservatives have wept at the economic destruction of Obama’s policies have inflicted on Americans, and shouted on the streets asking why the young are supporting liberals whose lies are obvious.

Now some of the young are beginning to understand and expressing surprise at what is happening! The laughter by conservatives is not gloating at the failures of Obama’s policies which were totally predictable, nor in relief that the young are coming to understand the truth, but chagrin that the young fools who believed themselves to be so enlightened and progressive were so easily duped by the oldest tricks in the book. They are coming to understand that “old adages” exist, not because old people don’t change, learn, and adapt, but because they are truths that the young need to learn in order to be forearmed against characters like Obama Democrats. Some of us see ourselves in them from long ago before we matured and learned morality, learned to sort through the grey and understand what is black and white.

The depth of deception is as yet unknown by America’s youth, but it is easily discerned from the events of the 20th century. The leaders who are venerated by the Left are the tyrants who began their careers loved by their followers until they brought down the world in flames. Socialism, of which they so admiringly speak, is an ideology that has only produced equality through equal suffering of the masses. And when even Popes speak of the “injustice” of capitalism to extoll the “virtues” of communism, then even those who are not Christian can see that corruption can penetrate any office.

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