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Mill Race Village: ghosts of the Hunter house


Courtesy of the Northville Historical Society

With land donated by Ford Motor Company, the Northville Historical Society created Mill Race Village in 1972. By creating museums that the public could walk through and enjoy, the village would consist of historical buildings moved there to preserve them from demolition.

One of those buildings is the Hunter house, which is a classic Greek revival style featuring half gabled wings. It was built in 1851 and is furnished with items typical of that time period.

Upon visiting the Hunter home, one might notice that a drawer in one of the hutches is slightly ajar. It is closed every day, only to be opened again unexplainably. And although the basement is not accessible to the public, just passing the door may cause unease. In fact, more than one cleaning lady quit her job rather than venture down there. They must have sensed something, because whispers have been heard and recorded in the basement.

But the Hunter house can also be pleasant. At least, on the main floor, one of the baby cradles tends to create a feeling of warmth and happiness. Paranormal tourists to the site should pay attention to their moods and feelings in the Hunter house. If they find their emotions shifting from one extreme to another, they may be having empathy for those from a bygone era.

Mill Race Village, 215 Griswold Ave., Northville, Michigan 48167
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00am to 1:00pm
248-348-1845 phone

Admission to walk the grounds and buildings is free, but donations are appreciated and membership to the Northville Historical Society grants added benefits. Several of the buildings are also available as rentals for private functions.

Visit the website of Mill Race Village for information about their other histocial buildings. You can also view evidence from a ghost hunting investigation of Mill Race village here.


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