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Milkshake the cow has an identity crisis and think she's a dog

CBS 13 in Sacramento reported an unusual story about a cow named Milkshake that thinks she is a dog. Four years ago, The Grace Foundation rescued a cow from an abusive owner.

Beth DeCaprio of The Grace Foundation with Milkshake the cow.
The Grace Foundation Facebook page

Beth DeCaprio, the foundation’s executive director said Milkshake has never been around another cow, and has been raised with dogs. Milkshake is an 8 year-old bovine that weighs 1,200 pounds.

According to DeCaprio, Milkshake has developed many canine traits. For instance, she experiences anxiety whenever DeCaprio leaves the ranch. She also eats out of a bowl and tries to get into the back of the family car. Milkshake is also popular with the dogs on the ranch.

Whenever the dogs travel around the ranch, Milkshake joins in. DeCaprio also says that Milkshake has bonded with her and the dogs. The identity crisis of this beloved cow has become an Internet sensation. Milkshake has gained fans from as far away as Europe.

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